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Revisit the Value of Your Business Model: Hang Out on The Beach

So last week felt like a vacation and it was - but it gave me the ability to step back from the trees and see the wood or to be more accurate, the multiple forests that surround me and what I do. Being an entrepreneur and involved in working with entrepreneurs is a gift - and it’s a vocation but I just realized that even the truly committed need some time off sometimes and when you do, that can be the best thing that has ever happened for your business, your health, your sanity and your family life.

How to Get Cheap Money for Your Startup (Part 2)

Here is a really quick video (about four minutes….) with ONE tip that will help you a) lock in an angel investor but most…

The ‘Secret’ to Creating Wealth or How to Make A “Wealth Engine”

  Do you want to know what the ‘secret’ is to creating wealth? Like most really powerful pieces of information that…
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