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Success is Predictable! How to start a business podcast

Podcast on “Success is Predictable! – How to start a business podcast” [powerpress] This is a very short podcast…

Three Reasons Why You Haven’t Closed Your Angel Investor Yet

Image via Wikipedia I’m sure there are potentially hundreds of reasons why you haven’t closed your angel investors…

Angel Investor Quick Tip

Image via Wikipedia With the first angel investor meetings I ever had, I made a number of mistakes… But one really basic mistake…

Revisit the Value of Your Business Model: Hang Out on The Beach

So last week felt like a vacation and it was - but it gave me the ability to step back from the trees and see the wood or to be more accurate, the multiple forests that surround me and what I do. Being an entrepreneur and involved in working with entrepreneurs is a gift - and it’s a vocation but I just realized that even the truly committed need some time off sometimes and when you do, that can be the best thing that has ever happened for your business, your health, your sanity and your family life.
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