Will Smith Interview – The Power of Positive Thinking

If you look through this blog, you will NOT see posts from motivational speakers or other members of the “change your life in 15 minutes a day ” brigade – My personal view is there are no magic answers or quick and easy ways to obtaining life success. But – I do believe that a positive attitude combined with having a clear vision of your personal goal and focusing on the tangible steps to obtaining it and then…and this is the toughest part…getting off the sofa, or out of the bar, or off Twitter or whatever else you do to pass time…and taking ACTION.

..those simple (but difficult) steps will enable you to realize your true potential.

Here is an interview with Will Smith where Will discusses the power of positive thinking – I recommend you watch it and consider taking onboard those elements that make sense to you.

Does Will make some good points? or do you think he’s full of it? How do you motivate yourself? Are you motivated in your life?


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