What I wish I’d Been Told about Angel Investors


Each evening I find a slot of 30 minutes where I focus on hanging out with my Dog.  He really appreciates it! 🙂

Trying something new..which is to multi-task during that time and answer questions that I’ve received from customers and some key thoughts I’ve been working through on Starting, Growing and Funding businesses.

In today’s podcast I’m focused on answering:

“What do you wish you’d have been told when you when looking for Angel Investors?”

It’s nice and short. Download it, add it to your playlist and listen.

Got more questions? Head over to the Contact Us page and send them over. Who knows, perhaps I’ll answer yours in a forthcoming podcast 🙂

All the best


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  • Jose G. Gonzalez
    February 9, 2014

    Honestly, no sarcasm at all!
    I admired and respected you for long time.
    You should deserve Nobel Peace Prize. Imagine yourself on CNN, Fox News, NSBC, you could ignite a spark into wild fire in America. Unemployment will sharply drop rapidly. Thank you !

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