Tomorrow never comes!

UdemyPicture_FAE_uncutIf there’s one thing we must all know by now…pushing things off until tomorrow means we may never get to them.

I’m still crap at languages, I still can’t play the piano and I even suck at my ‘easy’ instrument, the harmonica.

My life is paved with wishes and things to do tomorrow.

Well no more I say!!!!!  What about you?

How about we prick our fingers, push our thumbs together and make a friendly blood oath (if there’s such a thing….) where we both commit to make 2013 an absolutely kick ass year.

2012 was OK – it had its good times and its challenges…but 2013, now this is going to be the best year yet. Right! Right?

So – if you’re with me – I’ve just slash something like 80% off Funding Academy Express and launched it on that cool site

As you read my blog – type in ‘thefundingguru’ at Udemy and you get an extra special super duper discount to make it even better and more insane. (If you one of the first 100…)

Go take a look and don’t forget – together, we’ll make 2013 awesome! (CLICK THE PICTURE AT THE TOP OF THIS POST)

All the best


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