The Venture Capital Checklist

Venture Capital checklist

Venture Capital checklist

Earlier this week I set out with the goal of creating a Venture Capital Checklist i.e. a comprehensive one pager that outlines the key questions you need to be ready to answer when talking to Venture Capital companies….

…as I got into it I discovered a few things…

…it’s actually tougher than it looks to keep it simple and to the point and more important, even though the questions are simple, answering them isn’t easy…don’t make that mistake as you read through them please….

Let when show you what I mean…

“How large is the market?”

Well, let’s suppose you have created a product which cuts lawns automatically without any human intervention and doesn’t risk decapitating the dog when left to do its job….

So how big is your market?

The first and most obvious answer is X times the number of houses with lawns in your country…

Great answer!

…But Venture Capitalists are interested in how your business can become dominant in its field, how it can be worth a significant amount of money from where you are today…in other words, how their investment could multiple tenfold, a hundred fold, a thousand fold….so when looking at your market size….consider….

All the houses with lawns in your country, in your continent, in the world…

Consider all the commercial lawns….the public ballparks & sports fields, the professional sport facilities…

Consider how the product can be adapted…what about to harvesting without human input based on weather conditions?

Think creatively, think expansively, and think about how your market can be expanded through additional uses and product or service evolutions….

…Get visionary and show them how your small little product or company can literally be worth an absolute fortune…

I created this tool to help – normally I’d ask that you sign up to get my emails so I can start to build a relationship with you….

…but instead of requiring that – how about it if give you the Venture Capital Checklist right now and if you find it helpful – you add yourself to receive the occasional email from me…and by the way, I never share my email list with anyone…

Here’s the Venture Capital checklist for you to download – click here:

It’s a PDF file so you’ll need the ability to open pdf files ( for a free Adobe reader)


Ps: Any more questions?  Reach out via the contact page above and join my mailing list by adding your name and email in the box to the right. I’ll also send you some valuable downloads to help…

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