The Abbott and Costello of Angel Funding – These Guys Rock!

Abbott & Costello

Abbott & Costello

Hepnova and WealthNet Partners. the Abbott and Costello for Entrepreneurs, have got together again to create a new video.

Now you could go and watch a boring video about how to raise money through multiple sources…YouTube or some other place *yawn*

Or – you can press play and enjoy the video made so you will never forget the message – so, over to Hepnova and WealthNet Partners.

So why do I like these guys? Because they turn what is an often dry and borng subject and have fund communicating a few key points in a way that makes sure you will never forget it (especially if you have a sense of humor…and lets face it, you’ll need a BIG sene of humor if you are working with VCs and angel investors…)

Thanks guys! You are awesome…

Any comments or thoughts on this video? Helpful? Useful? Useless? Add your comments now.



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