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So what does the Science of Getting Rich – a one hundred year old business book have to do with entrepreneurs, startups and fund raising?

There were a few key reasons why I like this book…

1) Its short – end to end 66 pages so you can consume its in just about one sitting.

2) It suggests you should not be concerned about the competition

…if you do, you’ll get all tied up and stop being creative.  This is key for entrepreneurs – especially first timer entrepreneurs who seem scared to death that their wonderful idea will be ‘stolen’. I am going NUTS at how many times entrepreneurs have asked for NDAs and been reticent to tell anyone about their ground breaking idea because they’re afraid it will get snatched by someone.

Here’s a wake up call – There are no new ideas and even fresh ideas are exploding inside the heads of more than one person at any one time. Strange but true. How many people were working on the atom bomb at the same time? On the wireless? How many burger companies exist? Just one? Nope!

…but here’s the deal…the value is in GETTING IT DONE!

Not the idea itself – the idea is a vague recipes at best..probably not even that…

How you and I would inteprete the same idea will be completely different and guess what?

The customer will make you change your wonderful idea once you introduce it to them – providing you are LISTENING.

And here’s a tip – if you want to sell the output of your idea – listen to the customer and be prepared to kill your darlings. Your ideas are NOT the secret sauce – honest! Its how you make them happen – YOU are the secret sauce!

3) Get Out of the Competitive plateau and become a creator

Huge! This is the secret to entrepreneurial success – create. Don’t have idea and let them languish – create them, make them happen, create improvements in the world by adding to it. If you do and combine it with #2 above. Success!

4) Give more to your customers in use value than you take from them in cash value.

Also HUGE! If you do this consistantly – you create brand evangelist, people who will sell you and your products for free through word of mouth. It will become a viral phenominon.  Also, they will be customers FOR LIFE. The life time cash value will be enormous providing you take heed of #3 above and create more and more great products.

All in all “The Science of Getting Rich” is a must read – get through the old language and a bit of the ‘supreme spirit’ stuff – take from it what you find valuable and you will benefit enormously.

Love to hear your comments and you can get a free download by signing up to the right of this page.



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