Customers. Investors. Funding.
Investors Need Proof. Get it For them. Quickly & Easily.
TFG Social Survey System
Cloud based survey, lead generation, lead capture and customer feedback system
Takes the guesswork out of your launch and turns your funding and marketing efforts into a guided missile.
Get the viral power of Facebook, Facebook ads & mobile devices to get real customer feedback
Built in “business intelligence” analytics with graphs, charts and fully exportable in Excel.
Real Customer Data = Investor Engagement
Before Launching Your Product Or Company
Get Real Customer Data & Take Out the Guess Work and Hunches
Market more intelligently, more effectively and more easily.

Social Survey System
Leverage the Viral nature of Facebook, Mobile & Social Media to Capture Customer feedback

Start, Launch & Grow
Start, Launch & Grow without Guessing: Great for Company & Product Launches + Investor Engagement

Easy to Use
Fast and Easy 4 Step Setup Wizard - takes seconds to engage customers on Facebook, Mobile & Everywhere

Customers Are the Key
If you understand that customers are they key to success then you need this system
Get TFG Social Survey System
  • Cloud based app dashboard to create surveys for web, facebook and mobile
  • Built in “Magic URL” system to avoid the problem of FB Page Tabs not working on mobile
  • 20 ready to go survey templates, 10 offline niches and 10 general use templates
  • Built in “business intelligence” analytics with graphs, charts and a detailed response breakdown. Exportable in Excel.
  • Autoresponder integration for aweber, getresponse, mailchimp,
  • ...Use on 10 of your Fan Pages for powerful FB powered surveys
  • 10 powerful question types. Everything from star ratings to image voting, we have it all.
TFG Social Survey System Your Survey's Can Speak!
Check out the Demo
All you have to do is tick a little box, and your finished survey will literally SPEAK to your customer or prospect and read the question. This works on the web, inside Facebook and on Mobile devices. Don’t worry about annoying people, it can also be muted…..but think of the possibilities here!

This brings customer engagement to new heights and will draw people into the survey like nothing else. This means more leads and opt-ins for you.
Try TFG Social Survey System for 7-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Rapid Mailer that we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…
Get TFG Social Survey System Now for $97 Just $37 / month
Secure 1 of 50 Places Available of TFG Social Survey System and Take Control…
Monthly Payment – Cancel at Any Time - No Contracts Required
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will Social Survey System work on my Mac or PC?
TFG Social Survey System is a web based application which means you can use any computer, any time, anywhere to create your customer engaging surveys and start collecting data and email addresses.

Am I limited with the number of Surveys I can create?
No - As long as you are a member then you can create as many surveys as you need - use them to test pricing, positioning, offers, new products, anything you can think of. If you get in as a beta customer today then you get an unlimited account.

Do I need to be technical to use the Social Survey System?
The TFG Social Survey System comes with a completely built in wizard so you can be up and running with your own social surveys quickly and easily. Literally in minutes.

Am I locked in to a One Year contract like other survey systems?
No - you can cancel one of your 50 beta places at ANY time. There are no long terms contracts at all. Please note - if you do cancel, its unlikely you'll be able to sign up again under this current beta launch deal.
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