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How to Close an Angel Investor

When I set out to raise money I was passionate about my have to have that burning passion because it sees you through the lonely nights when no one loves your business or you...its the fuel that keeps you going even though you are inwardly cackling to yourself with insane laughter, giggling to yourself like a sleep deprived child (probably because you are very likely to be sleep deprived through self imposed highs, lows and Titanic sized pressure....)

How to speed up your funding process

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Image by Harvard Avenue via Flickr

There is a lot to be learnt from the online marketers who are having great success in closing the sale with their prospects – some of those lessons can be leveraged by entrepreneurs who are looking to raise funds for their great young businesses.

If you are a new or young entrepreneur , one of the first useful tips is to find a Mentor.

Now before you blow this up into something huge and challenging – ideally a mentor will be someone from your chosen industry with a significant set of experiences that can be directly brought to bear on your start up….

…but, if you are new to an industry and do not have an obvious or reachable mentors (and don’t worry – after you’ve been doing your startup for a while, you’ll pick up one or two along the way…) but if they’re not jumping out of the woodwork today, first, consider looking for mentors in other industries that have skill sets you can leverage.

…and here’s another great option if you don’t have any obvious mentors hanging around….