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10 Secret’s for Starting a Successful Business

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This article could be the most powerful and important article you read all week…or, at worst, all day!

You’ll read it and probably dismiss it…because it is very, very short and after all, how could a short post like this be powerful…

So, before I outline the 10 Secrets for Starting a Successful Business – I’d like you to grab a holy book of personal preference…lay your hand on it, and promise that if you don’t follow at least one of the following “Secret’s of Starting a Successful Business” then you’ll paypal me a cash figure of your choice…to

(andrew (at) thefundingguru dot com)

Now…the purpose of this particular step is not for me to receive money (although it could be a great side effect…)… no, the purpose is to be a motivator for you to take action…promise yourself that if you do not adopt at least one of these secrets then you’ll send me some cold, hard earned cash and don’t panic! …after all, only you will know if you or haven’t followed at least one of these steps…

Now, if you’ve bought multiple products, red self help motivation books or articles, spent time kicking yourself to make that change, its possible you have been looking for these secrets for sometime. After you read them, I hope it will put your searching to an end and allow you to begin to make the necessary changes so you can realize your real future…if not, a paypal transaction beckons.

Here are the…

10 Secret’s for Starting a Successful Business….