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What are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#2)

One of the best Angel Investors I ever had was Professor Howard Stevenson - while driving through Princeton's leafy backroads recently I had my radio tuned to NPR and was listening to Fresh Air or some such audio contribution to my ears and brain - I'm a sucker for public radio....what can I say - and after the show wrapped up, the radio broadcaster went into their 'sponsor' regurgitation telling me and anyone else listen who's dollars had made that particularly good show possible. In this case I almost swerved off the troad to hear that Howard Stevenson and his wife's fund had paid for the radio show I'd just enjoyed. Now that was the second time I had enjoyed the output of something that Howard had contributed too...and the reason I say that is because Howard Stevenson was my first ever angel investor in my first real company.

Fire Walk Your Way to Success!

Firewalking has occured for centuries, and some believe, for thousands of years. What is it? Glad you asked… Fire walking…

Will Smith Interview – The Power of Positive Thinking

a positive attitude combined with having a clear vision of your personal goal and focusing on the tangible steps to obtaining it and then...and this is the toughest part...getting off the sofa, or out of the bar, or off Twitter or whatever else you do to pass time...and taking ACTION...those simple (but difficult) steps will enable you to realize your true potential.