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Finding Angel Investors is All About Social Media Now – What BS!

Alright, I don’t rant often, in fact, I don’t rant period – its not my thing… …and you can probably…

Funding Academy is LIVE!

After months of work – reaching out to all our readers and members with one goal in mind… Find out what are your key…

Getting Funding for your business — Make it happen

Funding Academy Can 1748 people be wrong? Just in case you didn’t get the memo ( 🙂 )….we will soon be launching Funding…

Announcement and Quick Favor

Quick Favor Hey there   So this morning I sent a short email out to my subscribers and I think I hit a nerve…more than…

Angel Investor Mind Control?

Well in this article I'm going to give you two things - one is an angel investor suggestion that may help you (even though I don't know about your specific business...magic huh?) and then I'm going to offer you something for free that could help you. How do I know? Because most first time fund raisers suffer from many of the same challenges...and even if you don't, knowing this suggestion will help make sure you don't fall into this trap.

How do I hook a Venture Capital Investor?

VCs want to find out about attractive opportunities before their VC competition, so consider briefly mentioning that you are meeting with a select group of VCs in Sand Hill Road for example, this creates an ‘Impetus for Investment Action’.

What are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#2)

One of the best Angel Investors I ever had was Professor Howard Stevenson - while driving through Princeton's leafy backroads recently I had my radio tuned to NPR and was listening to Fresh Air or some such audio contribution to my ears and brain - I'm a sucker for public radio....what can I say - and after the show wrapped up, the radio broadcaster went into their 'sponsor' regurgitation telling me and anyone else listen who's dollars had made that particularly good show possible. In this case I almost swerved off the troad to hear that Howard Stevenson and his wife's fund had paid for the radio show I'd just enjoyed. Now that was the second time I had enjoyed the output of something that Howard had contributed too...and the reason I say that is because Howard Stevenson was my first ever angel investor in my first real company.

What are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#1)

Angels are usually motivated by more than one of the key angel investor motivations - but understanding their key driver is critical both before and after they become your angel investor. By understanding this - you can align their interests and yours and negotiate the best deal for you, your business and your investors. Finding an angel predominantly motivated by financial return is neither a positive or a negative - but by identifying that financial return is a key motivator is critical so you know what information to emphasis during and after the negotiation. A good rule of thumb with ALL investors is communicate clearly and honestly about your business (even the problems and challenges - actually especially the problems and the challenges....), now you understand their primary motivation, keep that in mind during all interactions and focus on driving your business forward making sure you achieve the milestones you set and agreed with the angel when you established your relationship.

The Abbott and Costello of Angel Funding – These Guys Rock!

Hepnova and WealthNet Partners. the Abbott and Costello for Entrepreneurs, have got together again to create a new video. Now…