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Three Reasons Why You Haven’t Closed Your Angel Investor Yet

Image via Wikipedia I’m sure there are potentially hundreds of reasons why you haven’t closed your angel investors…

How to Close an Angel Investor

When I set out to raise money I was passionate about my have to have that burning passion because it sees you through the lonely nights when no one loves your business or you...its the fuel that keeps you going even though you are inwardly cackling to yourself with insane laughter, giggling to yourself like a sleep deprived child (probably because you are very likely to be sleep deprived through self imposed highs, lows and Titanic sized pressure....)

Quick Poll – Its All about YOU! (And always has been…)

Image by david_terrar via Flickr Here’s a quick poll…. Now I was going to set up a nice and easy to use poll and create…

How to Get Cheap Money for Your Startup (Part 2)

Here is a really quick video (about four minutes….) with ONE tip that will help you a) lock in an angel investor but most…

How do I find an Angel Investor?

Perhaps the most common question I get asked is "How do I find an Angel Investor?"

Are you this kind of person?

So much so that I spent months looking through different sites, subscribing to different email lists and following certain bloggers. I thought I could get everything I needed from multiple sources and save myself some cash. After all, you can get nearly everything you need for free online right?

What Are Angel Investors Looking For? Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#4)

By looking for a better answers than 'just to make money', they are moving themselves closer understanding the real levers they need to use when meeting and building a relationship with angel investors which are key to successfully raising Angel Investor money - and that, along with helping people with the Venture Capital fund raising what this site is ALL about.

Are Angel Investors Cheap Money?

The first two companies I started began with Angel Investments -- for the first start-up, where I had designed an award winning fire escape ladder, the angel’s cash allowed me to quit being a minimum waged Consultant (minimum wage when you divided my hefty salary by the 100 + hour working weeks...) and gave me the chance to pursue my passion to start and build my first business.

How do I hook a Venture Capital Investor?

VCs want to find out about attractive opportunities before their VC competition, so consider briefly mentioning that you are meeting with a select group of VCs in Sand Hill Road for example, this creates an ‘Impetus for Investment Action’.