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Finding Angel Investors is All About Social Media Now – What BS!

Alright, I don't rant often, in fact, I don't rant period - its not my thing... ...and you can probably hear the 'but' about to…

Funding Academy is LIVE!

After months of work - reaching out to all our readers and members with one goal in mind... Find out what are your key challenges,…

Getting Funding for your business — Make it happen

Funding Academy Can 1748 people be wrong? Just in case you didn't get the memo ( :) )....we will soon be launching Funding Academy…

The Science of Getting Rich – Free download on Right

So what does the Science of Getting Rich - a one hundred year old business book have to do with entrepreneurs, startups and fund…

Interview with Selling Guru Erik Luhrs on ‘Be Do Sale’ – His New Book

Over the past few months I've taken an interest and gotten to know Erik Luhrs. For those that haven't had that good fortune - Eric…

Three Reasons Why You Haven’t Closed Your Angel Investor Yet

Image via Wikipedia I'm sure there are potentially hundreds of reasons why you haven't closed your angel investors yet. Now this…

Angel Investor Mind Control?

Well in this article I'm going to give you two things - one is an angel investor suggestion that may help you (even though I don't know about your specific business...magic huh?) and then I'm going to offer you something for free that could help you. How do I know? Because most first time fund raisers suffer from many of the same challenges...and even if you don't, knowing this suggestion will help make sure you don't fall into this trap.

Angel Investor Quick Tip

Image via Wikipedia With the first angel investor meetings I ever had, I made a number of mistakes... But one really basic mistake…

How to Close an Angel Investor

When I set out to raise money I was passionate about my business...you have to have that burning passion because it sees you through the lonely nights when no one loves your business or you...its the fuel that keeps you going even though you are inwardly cackling to yourself with insane laughter, giggling to yourself like a sleep deprived child (probably because you are very likely to be sleep deprived through self imposed highs, lows and Titanic sized pressure....)

Revisit the Value of Your Business Model: Hang Out on The Beach

So last week felt like a vacation and it was - but it gave me the ability to step back from the trees and see the wood or to be more accurate, the multiple forests that surround me and what I do. Being an entrepreneur and involved in working with entrepreneurs is a gift - and it’s a vocation but I just realized that even the truly committed need some time off sometimes and when you do, that can be the best thing that has ever happened for your business, your health, your sanity and your family life.
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