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As many of your know, I’ve been working on a set of tools designed to help you if you are going through the fund raising process for a new or existing company…a friend suggested I should try to bring together some of the unique experiences I’ve had and help other entrepreneurs who are looking to get investors for a new or an existing business.

I wish I could thank this pal for urging me to start this but right now, I want to chase him down and beat him to within an inch of his life with a large inflatable mallet, because this really isn’t easy. What would be easy would be to take an existing book or series of blog posts from others and pull something half assed together – but what would be the point….?

No – I want to create tools which are all the things I wish I had when I spent a year or so spinning my wheels trying to raise money the first time around. What could have saved me months and allowed me to get my first company to market that much sooner?

Those are the tools I want to get out to folks….those months could have meant increasing the chances of survival and success….now, the business did well, but they don’t always…months matter!

You can always try to raise money for your business with advice from friends and the like, but in my view, we all need all the help we can get when its something as critical as realizing our dreams for starting a business…So, I’m doing my best to bring together learnings from a number of years and experiences but *whew* it really isn’t easy because I throw away probably half of what I create because I want them to be that good for you – if you are raising money for your business, because lets face it, you don’t have the time to mess around on crap.

If you watched the short video on ‘Who is the Funding Guru?’ – you’ll know that I was asked to sit on the Small Business Council by the UK Government and with a small group of entrepreneurs I worked on funding and other issues relating to entrepreneurs and start-ups…that brought me together with some amazing folks on both sides of the table – entrepreneurs and investors. I think I can help if you are looking to raise funds for your business…

So – before I rant some more…the course should be ready in March (huge amounts of fingers being crossed…so much so that its making it tough to type…OK, I’ll uncross them until I’ve finished typing).Until then, I wanted to take the audio portion from one module which focuses on “How to Supercharge your Angel Fund Raising”.

This audio module will ultimately have video, pdf support and other elements but in the meantime – thought I would get the audio out there and start helping you if you want to find and get those angel investors so you can start building that amazing business you have been dreaming about…the great thing is, once you understand how powerful this technique can be – then you can use it for speeding up you fund raising now and for every funding process you and your friends go through… Get the audio course here


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