Starting a Company: Don’t Wait for the Big Idea


We all sabotage our own success, sometimes a lot and sometimes, just a little – perhaps we’re more responsible for screwing things up than anyone else who has ever screwed things up for us in our lives.

So many therapy couches have been warmed up and indented by troubled behinds where the paying customer lies back, closes their eyes and blames “Mother”, “Father”, “Upbringing” or some trauma for the challenges they experience.

Now I’ve never been to any form of official therapy – I think that’s why the British invented the Pub….a great place to share war stories, drink a few relaxants and if that doesn’t work, many Brits will take their frustrations out on someone who looks at them “Funny”.  No, I’m not condoning that kind of behavior but pubs and football tend to be how your average Brit blows off steam. Therapists in the England are probably starving versus their counterparts in Beverly Hills.

And despite all the therapy and the blame to go around – I believe we are often our own worst enemies.

We each have a little voice in our heads which tells us we can’t do something, or all the reasons why our great ideas are not so great or that our thighs are two big. (or is it just me? 🙂 )

Many of us would make better entrepreneurs than employees – most entrepreneurs are positively unemployable for a full time role…we are literally able to do nothing else. Maybe you should be an entrepreneur?

The world would be a better place if we had more entrepreneurs creating, inventing and solving problems.

So why don’t we have more?

Why don’t we have more founders who are 110% focused on starting a company? Even in starting a small company for some extra money?

In my view, one key reason is that little voice – telling us either a) we need a NEW and UNIQUE idea…a BIG idea that will change the world or b) telling us that we can’t or shouldn’t start our business today.

Why not? Will tomorrow be any different than today? Will the reasons for starting a great company tomorrow be that much better than today?

If you SHOULD be an entrepreneur, a founder of your own company – for crap sake stop listening to your little voice, stop getting in your own way and stop talking yourself out of what you are here to do. If that’s to work for someone else GREAT – keep on with it.

If its to create something and be your own boss. What the hell are you waiting for?

Your little voice will tell you the 101 reasons why you shouldn’t start a business tomorrow too….

So slap your little voice upside the head, put it inside a little silent box someone deep inside and get on with it.

If you are passionate about starting a business….then start one. Yes…it IS as easy as that.

Start a company and make progress on it every day – even if its little baby steps…they soon add up!

So go ahead – Create something great. You will never be sorry for trying to be great, you’ll only ever be sorry for not trying at all.

I think you’re great! Now go prove me right, because I’m ALWAYS right! 

All the best


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The big hairy unpleasant thingy that is causing you the most pain and suffering….


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