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Its time for a good hard look at your commitment to starting and growing your own business.

Every day I come chat with people who are absolutely committed to taking charge of their own destiny and starting their own business. Perhaps they have a new product idea or they’ve seen a gap in a market and are convinced they know how to fill it. Perhaps a product or service has failed to deliver and the entrepreneur has decided its time to do it right…or maybe they’ve had enough of working for someone else, of making money for a business they don’t have a real stake in and its time to start pursuing the vision they have for a more enriched and fulfilling future…

…there are literally hundreds of really great reasons why the entrepreneurs I chat with about to launch their new company.

So why is it that only a handful of them actually get off their sofa’s and actually do it?

OK – maybe that’s a bit harsh…maybe 90% of them are not actually sitting on their sofa’s wasting time…but they sure as heck aren’t following through on their passions and on their ideas to create their winning futures.


The short answer is “I Don’t Know….

  • Maybe its fear – fear that if they pursue their ideas then its possible they might fail…
  • Maybe its responsibilities – responsibilities which are keeping them from throwing everything into a new idea…
  • Maybe its not knowing how – not having a roadmap or blueprint or plan to take them from the idea to a real company….
  • Maybe its lack of real commitment – talking a good game but not having the stuff to follow through…

The reality is it could be one or all or a completely different reason that is stopping them from pursuing their startup dream but these four ‘excuses’ above do cover most of the excuses I’ve been given by entrepreneurs who talk but don’t do…

So how about we briefly touch on each of them?


Yes – Fear of failure is a big deal – I’ve been afraid before and during a new venture – there’s all sorts of ‘fear’ – fear of looking stupid, of wasting time but my fear is different….for me, in a funny sort of way, there’s sometimes more pleasure from the potential for greatness just over the horizon than actually having to work to get it.  In other words, the dream of what life could be like after achieving that goal is sometimes better than the reality of getting it. But when you boil it down – that’s fools gold.  Sure, dream about the good times but don’t fail to pursue it because of the hard work involved. With every concept, idea or company I’ve pursued, I’ve failed at one point or another…and the final product or company is NEVER what I expected when I set out….entrepreneurs change direction, they pivot when customers give them overwhelming feedback that they want something slightly different to what you first though…If you want to be an entrepreneur but haven’t done it yet – is fear a problem for you?


We all have responsibilities – I’m married, have a daughter, a mortgage, cars that need to be paid and a dog…I have responsibilities andy yet I’ve started a few businesses and even now, with The Funding Guru services, I’m building a businesses for entrepreneurs but also to cover my own financial responsibilities. So when I started this most recent business (The Funding Guru Services), I still had a 50-60 hour a week role building a software company with a team – that j.o.b. covered my financial responsibilities while I worked nights, weekends, early mornings on The Funding Guru services. I did that until I was comfortable The Funding Guru services were safely cover my responsibilities.  And that’s the solution if you’re letting ‘responsibilities’ stopping you pursuing your startup dream. You do not HAVE to risk everything to pursue your dream – you can dip your toes in the water, get it going and start your business even with a safety net of your job. And if you’d rather spend your spare time watching TV then you’re never going to do it anyway – so please stop talking about it…

No Knowing How

Its one thing to go from an idea to a fully fleshed out business – its a journey that takes time, blood, sweat and sometimes tears. And not having a clear road map can stop you from getting started…

One thing for sure – if you don’t get started then perhaps you never will.  There is unlikely to be a road map already created that will safely take you from idea to finished, successful company. By all means buy a book, report or whatever that promises that roadmap but each idea, founder and company is unique – so a clear roadmap does not exist.  No – perhaps a better way is to get guidance from people who have trodden a similar startup road to yours and can talk through the challenges you’re experiencing as you go through it…a mentor, guide or coach.  I’ve found that so helpful its not funny…and would like to do the same for you if you are committed to really realizing your startup vision.  If you are that person then contact me via the contact me page…lets see if I have any extra bandwidth…

Lack of Real Commitment

If you lack the commitment to pursue your idea then you need to figure that out…if you don’t have the drive to do more than talk about starting your business there’s probably nothing I (or anyone else except you….) can do to get your through that. It really is up to you….

You either need to find the commitment or perhaps realize that you will spend the rest of your life working for someone else – if you’re lucky. Most people have a job expiration date when a younger, cheaper version becomes more attractive to a company than the older, more expensive workers – if you wait until then – then you’ll probably really have responsibilities and far. If you really want to start and grow a business – maybe its time to start slowly, nights and weekends and get someone like me to be your mentor to guide you. If that’s sounds like something that could get you to actually start your new company then reach out. I’m here.

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