How to Start, Grow and Fund Your Business [SoundCloud Podcast Channel]

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A quick announcement to let you know that we keep stacking on the value here on The Funding Guru websites by adding a new Channel for you on SoundCloud 🙂

Why?  Because we are creating near daily downloadable MP3 podcasts and posting them to our very own The Funding Guru stream on SoundCloud – a free service for you online.

BTW – I record these without a net – or a script and definitely without a Sound Studio…I literally multi-task the recordings as I take our Pooch for a walk around snowy Buffalo – so you’ll hear the real scoop, snow underfoot and the occasional fire engine, car or other real world sound contribution.  But hey, its about the content right? Not about the script! (See photo below 🙂 )

Now make sure you go along to our SoundCloud channel daily as these podcasts get refreshed — what that means is there is a new Podcast most days focused on helping your with Starting, Growing and Funding Your Business and as new podcasts are added, last week’s podcasts go into the vault for our Funding Guru members.  So if you want to get more info on “How to Get More Customers”, or “How to Prepare for an Investor Meeting”, or “How to Recruit a Crack Executive Team” – or whatever, then come download your MP3 on SoundCloud.

Add your thoughts or comments here, or on SoundCloud or reach out directly. CLICK HERE

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