Simple Secret to Achieving Your Lifetime’s Dreams & Desires

The Secret to Achieving Your Dreams

The Secret to Achieving Your Dreams

This is perhaps the weirdest post I’ve posted…all I can say is I was flying home from California having spent time with some friends and my brain just went in a ‘different’ direction – no idea why – something in the airline’s shrink wrapped brownie perhaps?

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The Simple Secret for Achieving All Your Lifetime’s Dreams and Desires

Have you ever had an ‘Ah-ha’ moment in your life? A split second when all the different pieces that had been floating around almost ignored in your mind, suddenly and irrevocably ‘click’ into place with a burst of bright shiny realization? A moment when darkness, a darkness you didn’t even know existed, falls from your eyes and in that moment of realization it…all…makes…sense?

If you are one of the lucky ones, the paragraph above is making you nod your head, you are remembering just such a moment and, without knowing quite why, you are smiling.  Yes, smiling…lucky you.

Or, maybe, when you read that first paragraph it seemed familiar, but hauntingly so…hints of those moments which had almost been yours but had always just been a little out of reach. Close but not quite close enough, tantalizing you.

We’ll I want to share with you my simple ‘Ah-ha’ moment.  I call it simple because it really is – the secret of achieving all your dreams is so simple that it has paraded itself in front of you many many times. So many times that you don’t even see it for what it is… ‘the Simple Secret for achieving all your lifetimes dreams and desires.”

But and doesn’t there always seem to be a ‘but’ – just because it’s a simple secret doesn’t mean its easy to accomplish. I can’t guarantee that just know this simple secret you will actually achieve all your lifetimes desires. Like all things in your life, that is in your hands not mine or anyone else’s.

So – do you want to know what this simple secret is? The one that has been right in front of you all this time? And the only way you will achieving all of your lifetime’s desires?

I almost hesitate from putting it down on paper (or on screen anyway…) because I know there are people who will read this and discount it – even though it is perhaps the most important thing they will ever read….

Are you ready?

…I’m swallowing over here as I write this, a little afraid that it will get missed, a thunderclap in the wilderness where no one can hear it shake the earth….

The simple secret for achieving all your lifetime’s dreams and desires is….

to decide….

Yes, the secret to achieving your lifetime’s dreams and desires is YOU have to decide that you WILL achieve them.  You can’t achieve them by wanting them, by desiring them, by thinking about achieving them, preparing to achieve them, learning to achieve them, waiting to achieve them soon or later…no…

…to achieve your lifetime’s dreams and desires, you have to decide that you will achieve them. And you have to decide every day, constantly, with every fiber and with every act you take – when you next meet a person who has not achieved what they wanted in life, ask them why not?

And I would bet you a comment on this post (which I’d like you to write by the way…), that they’ll tell you a thousand different stories why they did not manage to achieve their lifetime’s dreams and desires – but when you sift through the words, the excuses and the dried up husks of hope – the one common thread running through their words, excuses and alibis for why they failed to achieve their lifetime’s dreams and desires was because they didn’t truly decide that they were going to achieve them. They let other things get in the way of making that definitive and resolute decision and before they knew it, life had happened and the time had passed.  Now you know what’s interesting? They may still have had an amazing life…life is funny like that but still…

So, is it a bet? Will you leave a comment on this blog as, if you really think about it, I may have won this wager?

If you want to achieve your lifetime’s dreams and desires – make the decision that you will, then make it every day just as you are falling asleep and every morning as you wake, as you open your eyes and look up at the ceiling and consider what this day will bring and having really, truly made the decision (which, after all is simple right)…follow through and do it. Believe it or not, making the decision was the hardest part! And I will not guarantee it, but I am certain that when you do, opportunities in your life will appear and perhaps for the first time, you will have the eyes and the right frame of mind to see them all. Life likes people who decide what they want from it – Make the decision for your own life or life will make the decisions for you.

Which would you prefer?

All you have to do is decide.

I appreciate all your comments.


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  • January 28, 2010

    YES, YES, YES! Deciding to succeed, and then acting on that firm decision to succeed, every single day is ultra important. Nobody can decide it for you. AND you have to keep deciding it in the face of people who think you’re nuts for deciding it and with people who have been too afraid to decide it for themselves. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that the power to succeed starts right there, with the decision, always.

    Jennifer Haase
    NY folk-pop Singer/Songwriter

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