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Premium One-On-One Coaching With The Funding Guru (at a crazy price…)

(Only 10 Spots Available Each Month)

Since launching Funding Academy, I’ve been receiving daily emails from passionate entrepreneurs who want to raise money for their businesses and their ideas but didn’t get the chance to participate in the Funding Academy (which was awesome by the way…). You have also been asking if I can help without you joining funding academy, at a somewhat lower price but with a more personalized coaching….

One thing to mention is there’s an interesting ‘tone’ to most of the questions and emails I’ve been getting – almost like these entrepreneurs have a note of early stage desperation, like they’ve already come to the conclusion that there is no money to be had from investors in today’s challenged economic climate.

Nothing could be further from the truth….

Angel investors are still investing ~ FACT!

Are they rushing into investments like they did a decade ago? Heck NO!

But if you have a great business and you know how to engage with investors – there is still great investors looking for great businesses to invest in.

Do you know how to engage them and get them to commit to your business?

If you’ve not successfully raised significant funds before, let me answer that question for you. No…you dont. Sorry but that’s the truth..and I only deal in truth…

(Would you rather I sugar coat it and you waste the next twelve months figuring it out???)

So whats the answer? Simple – a mentor…

If you’re looking for a personal Fundraising coach to answer your questions on a daily basis – read on…

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

The coaching program was created for entrepreneurs of all levels who want to become more successful raising funds for their business.

Its for entrepreneurs who know they need money for their company, want to raise it efficiently and don’t want to be in the same position in six months.

See which of these applies to YOU…

  • I am new to raising funds and I desperately need some direction and guidance to figure it all out!
  • I am a somewhat experienced entrepreneurs … but, I’d really like to significantly increase the likelihood and speed of raising funds!
  • I am a fairly experienced business owner who wants to take my business to the “next level” and needs funds to do it.

If you fall into one of these above descriptions, then this coaching program is for YOU!.

Let me ask you a quick question:

How’s your fund raising going?

Take just a moment and answer that question before you read another sentence. Really. Stop right now and think about the current status of your efforts to raise money.

How’s IS your fund raising going?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, then read on, because I believe I can help you with personalized coaching.

[title color=”white” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]You Don’t Need A Road Map To Succeed with your fund raising,
What You Need Is a Good Tour Guide…[/title]

More than a road map that points the way, you need a tour guide to personally show you the way, explaining important things along the way … as they apply to YOU and YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

Think about this: a road map can teach you how to write a good business plan, but it can’t tell you if you’ve actually written a good business plan. It doesn’t know if you’ve got a great investor enticing document on your hands, or if you’ve just got a bunch of words put together. It can’t comment on how to improve your specific investor tools or how to speed up your funding.

It’s just a road map. It’s great to have along to get you started, but what you need to go the distance is a tour guide to give you specific and precise feedback about what you’re doing.

That’s where I can help you.

[title color=”white” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]”I pledge to give you honest and forthright feedback and
suggestions about anything related to YOUR business funding”[/title]

With my coaching program, you get personalized, one-on-one coaching to answer any of your funding questions. The advantages of this type of guidance are clear…

[list style=”bullet-tick” font=”ptserif” size=”large”]

  • Personalized. That’s right, it will be personal. I’ll be looking at your executive summary, your business plan, your elevator pitch, your investor presentation, your business plan, … your business. This is all about you, not the “masses” out there. You’ll have access to my personal email address where you and I communicate one-on-one.
  • Specific. I’ll give you specific feedback about how to improve your business funding. If you want to talk about your executive summary, then I’ll tell you how to make changes to get more investors to engage with you. If you want to talk about your business plan, then I’ll explain how to get more investor traction from it. Specific strategies that you can begin using immediately to bring more potential investors to your business.
  • Daily. Well, almost daily. We’ll communicate Monday through Thursday through my personal email address. Four days a week. You ask a question, I respond with specific feedback and suggestions. You implement the changes and we move on to tackle the next thing that you want to accomplish.
  • Comprehensive. That’s right, you get to set the curriculum. Whatever is most important to you, that’s what we’re going to work on. Maybe it’s a Executive Summary. Maybe it’s preparing for your first potential investor meeting. Maybe how to negotiate the best term sheet. Maybe it’s how to structure your business so you get your first investors but don’t lose much in the process. Maybe it’s putting together a board of directors. Doesn’t matter … it’s up to you. You call the shots. You let me know what you want to “figure out” and we’ll get it done.
  • Honest. You’ll always get my honest and forthright opinion. I won’t sugar coat it just to make you feel good. I’ll be kind and encouraging, but I’ll also call it like I see it. If your investor tools doesn’t have a chance of getting investors, I’ll tell you. If there’s a big mistake you’re making which has wasted you lots of time already, then I’ll let you know. All the while, mind you, anytime you are heading off track, I’ll point you in the right direction.[/list]


Bottom line: it’s all about helping you build and improve your business, addressing specific issues of importance to you. I’ll be the tour guide … you tell me where you want to go.

Seriously, we can address anything you want to talk about that relates to funding and growing your business…

[list style=”bullet-tick” font=”ptserif” size=”large”]

  • Writing your investors tools
  • Improving your business so you get investors onboard
  • Increasing your conversion rate so you get more investor meetings
  • How to turn those meetings into real traction
  • How to negotiate a winning deal so you get the money you need but don’t lose control
  • How to expand and position your business to get great investors onboard[/list]

What we cover is completely up to you. There is no set “curriculum” that we are going to go through. We cover what you want to cover. We improve what is most important to you.

Of course, I’ll take a look at your business and “guide” you into what’s best for you. For example: You might think “getting more meetings with potential investors” is most important. But, I might look at your executive summary, investor presentation and see that they need overhauling before you meet with investors and blow the opportunity.

We’ll work together.

Ready to get started TODAY? (literally, we can begin the coaching program later on today, or tomorrow … depending on when you are reading this letter)

Here’s how it works…

Personal Email Address, Daily Coaching, and More:
Getting You Headed In The Right Funding Direction…

Before we get started, let me explain to you how the personal coaching works. After you submit your order below, here’s what will happen in the coaching program.

Step 01: Send Your First Email. After your order is processed, you’ll be taken to a fulfillment page where you will gain access to my private, personal email address. Send me an email to the address to get started. I need to get to know a little about you as we begin our coaching journey together. Specifically, I want you to answer three questions for me in your very first email so I can analyze your specific needs:

  1. What are your goals? Both short-term and long-term. Clearly let me know what you want to accomplish with your business and with the coaching program.
  2. Where is your website? (If you have one.) Please provide the exact URL so I can access your current site and make notes about your business. Please double-check your link to avoid delays.
  3. What is your most important question? Please let me know where you want to begin. I need to know what you think is most important and what you have in mind to address first. If you don’t ask a question, I can’t answer it. 🙂

Step 02: Interact daily. Every day (Monday through Thursday) you will receive a reply from me regarding your latest question. Each day you ask a question and each day I answer the question. You implement the changes and suggestions that I make. And we progress through the coaching program.

[title color=”white” align=”scmgccenter” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]It basically is a personal, one-on-one,
question and answer coaching program.[/title]

Each day you ask me one question. Each day I answer it with suggestions. Each day you implement the changes. We move on.

“Andrew, I know I need money for my business but I’ve never raised money before and don’t know where to start…”

“Bob, what we want to start with first is…”


“Andrew, I’ve had a few meetings with potential investors but I just can’t get them to commit. What am I doing wrong?”

“Susan, I think you’ve got a realistic goal but this happens alot. Here are 3 things that I would suggest you do…”


“Andrew, I’ve only got about $100,000.00 to invest for my new company (thanks for your help raising it). How can I best spend it so I can raise the next amount?”

“Andy, that’s a great question. Based on your startup and the milestones you need to achieve to get more investors interested, here’s what I recommend…”


You ask the questions. I answer them. And by the end of the coaching program, your business will have seen improvements.

We can talk about anything you want related to raising funds for your business.

But, there are some “terms”. Please read these very carefully before proceeding…

The coaching program terms:

  1. Only one question per day. Each day you may post ONE question for me to answer. If you ask more than one question, then I’ll only respond to the first one. Due to the nature of this program (literally, *personal* training where I take the time to look at your specific situation) I cannot answer more than one question per day. If you skip a day you don’t get to “catch up” later.
  2. Holidays and weekends are idle days.. We will take the weekends off, and any major holidays that may arrive during our coaching relationship. Trust me, we’ll keep plenty busy the rest of the days… we’ll both deserve the break. And besides, as my wife continues to remind me, “all business and no play makes Andrew a dull boy.” 🙂
  3. The content is up to you. We don’t have a set “curriculum” that we’re going to work through. There isn’t a checklist to make our way down. There are no books to read, no audios to listen to, no training to complete. What we cover is completely up to you. It’s the best way I know of to make certain you get the kind of information and specialized assistance that can best help you. You ask any questions you want, and I’ll answer them.
  4. I’m not a techie, so be warned. Having said “you ask any questions you want”, let me make a disclaimer: I’m not a techie. I can’t help you create a website. What I know is how to raise funds, how to start, launch and grow new business. So, your questions need to be specifically related to that. I’ll help you with any funding or startup topic you want.
  5. If you ask crazy questions, I’ll give you a crazy answer. Please don’t ask any silly questions. Sorry, but I have to include this in the “terms” or I’ll get stuff like, “Andrew, please tell me the best 101 places to find investors” or “What are the exact steps to get my company valued by investors at a billion dollars.” If you ask those kinds of questions, you just wasted your money. What we’re trying to accomplish here is improving your business strategically and to get your perfect investors onboard and committed to partnering with you so you can realize your vision for business domination. We can only do that by asking (you) and answering (me) questions that are realistic.
  6. You’ll hear from me every morning. Every morning (Monday through Thursday) you’ll hear back from me on your current question of the day. Please make certain that you have your new question posted by 6:00 A.M. CST in order for me to respond. If ya miss a day, ya can’t make it up…so get them in there on time. The earlier the better.
  7. We work in 30 day blocks of time. The coaching program is available in 30 day time increments. When you join today, then you’ll have one month of coaching available. (Monday through Thursday) Your coaching will end exactly one month from the day you began. You can cancel before the next month and you won’t be billed. Or you can hold your spot (there are only 10 available) and continue month after month for as long as you like.
  8. Work at your own pace. Each day I will give you suggestions for changes and improvements. You can work at your own pace to accomplish them. Sometimes you may get it done within a few minutes. Other times, you may decide to take a few days. That’s completely up to you and how quickly you want to implement the strategies we talk about. Because of that, I cannot guarantee what we will accomplish during the training. We may only get your investor tools overhauled during the month. We may get 20 things done. That’s up to how much needs to be changed and how quick you complete your assignments. Again, this program is designed with you in mind … work at a pace that you are comfortable with. NOTE: Whether or not you get things done each day or not you can still ask questions for me to answer – you can always implement them AFTER our coaching time is done.

[title color=”white” align=”scmgcleft” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]So, are you ready to begin?[/title]

You’ve got a personal coach waiting to answer your marketing questions. I’m here, ready and willing to help you get the funding and the investors you need to make your business vision a reality.

We can begin today, if you like.

Ready to get started? Order the personal coaching
below and begin your training within 5 minutes…

Great! I’m glad you’re serious about your business and are serious about becoming more successful in your fund raising. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t treat their business like a business.

You gotta be willing to work. You simply must be willing to invest both your time and your money in growing your business. Quite truthfully, you’ll never see significant income unless you do those things.

You may be thinking, “So, Andrew, how much does this coaching program cost?”

Well, let me ask you a question…

“How much is it worth to you?”

How much is it worth to have someone personally coach YOU? Someone to answer your specific questions about your specific business? How much is it worth to have me helping you out one-on-one?

The price is $97 per week and you enroll on a monthly basis ($388 per month).

You can cancel by sending me a personal email and you’re spot will be immediately cancelled and given to the next person in line.

I only going to accept 10 people into the program each month. It’s an elite group. If it’s right for you, then let’s get started. If it’s not, then I encourage you to check around for other options here at the site.

This is the last time this personal daily coaching will be offered at this price – check out the services page to see the usual types of rates offered – but if you take action and commit today, you get to lock in this price as long as you are a paid up coaching client.

So, the only thing left to do is for you to get started. Order below. Setup your personal coaching message board. And let’s get you headed in the right direction.

You tell me where you want to go.

And I’ll be your tour guide.

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NOTE: Please know that there are absolute NO REFUNDS available for this coaching program. Additionally, I cannot and do not guarantee you’ll get funding as a result of this coaching as individual results depend upon the individual’s effort, situation, application and other intangibles that I have no control over.


* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


Premium One-On-One Coaching With The Funding Guru

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