Our Services: How We Can Help You

Starting and building a successful company is more than just raising money, but the money will come when you are ready to realize your business vision.

You will get the funding you need when you have all the pieces in place.

We’ll help you identify and bring those pieces together, then guide you through the funding process.

We can help you with:

  • Helping You Achieve Your Business Goals: Launching a Product? Getting Ready for Investors? Expanding Into New Markets? We can Help
  • Recruiting and Networking: Building the Ideal Winning Executive, Development and Advisory Team
  • Market Strategy and Execution:  Pulling experts together to Develop Your Market Penetration Plan
  • Product Development and Prototyping: Getting your product finished and tested
  • Initial Customer Traction: Leveraging our network together to get your product or services into the heads of your first customers
  • Funding: Developing the Funding Strategy, identifying targets, working to connect you with your ideal investors

Contact Us for More Details and to Understand our Pricing / Fees

[testimonials type=”large”]
[testimonial name=”T. Fodor (London, England)” company=”Procter & Gamble” ]He was a great coach and mentor to me, and added a lot of value. Since then, I have observed Andrew in a variety of roles and he impressed me both as an entrepreneur and a consultant.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”John Schwingle” company=”Hewlett Packard”]…when the most asked question was “What have you done for me lately?”, Andrew’s Question was always “How can I help you be more successful?.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Phil Conley, (San Mateo, CA)” company=”Siebel Systems/Oracle” ]…Andrew has a restless curiosity and an unbeatable work ethic, he is a constant source of new ideas and is a tremendous asset. His entrepreneurial spirit is extremely exciting, I would recommend him wholeheartedly.[/testimonial][testimonial name=”Peter Greenland (Silicon Valley, CA)” company=”Startup” ]Andrew is a distinguished and talented entrepreneur with exceptional business acumen. Andrew and his team has a unique ability to create market awareness and evangelize product offerings. Andrew’s visionary thinking and leadership helped fuel our product launch…[/testimonial]


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