Revisit the Value of Your Business Model: Hang Out on The Beach

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Hi Folks 

I spent the whole of last week on vacation and it was my first times doing absolutely nothing work related in more than ten years.  I am ashamed to admit that I even took my laptop on my Honeymoon…(and yes, my wife still mentions it ten years later…)

Well, not last week…last week the laptop was left gathering dust at home while I spent the week in Cape Cod, MA, sailing, sunning on the beach and by the pool and hanging out with my wife and young daughter. And do you know what was amazing?

Well, yes, the 90 degree heat, the crystal clear water and the fantastic meals were all amazing….but aside from those things… 

..the amazing thing was I got more real thinking done about my businesses and the evolution of my business model sitting by that pool and hanging out with my family than I would have done by turning up to the office every day. I guarantee it! And please don’t roll your eyes – that wasn’t the intention, it just…sort of…happened, as I had my eyes closed, listening to the sea wash back and forth up the sandy beach.

So last week felt like a vacation and it was – but it gave me the ability to step back from the trees and see the wood or to be more accurate, the multiple forests that surround me and what I do. Being an entrepreneur and involved in working with entrepreneurs is a gift – and it’s a vocation but I just realized that even the truly committed need some time off sometimes and when you do, that can be the best thing that has ever happened for your business, your health, your sanity and your family life.

So what does this mean to The Funding Guru site and what we do here?

Well, in short – I will be focusing on what people ask me to do more than anything and that is to help them prepare for fund raising.  If you are an entrepreneur then I’ll work with you on your positioning, your investor tools, your executive summary, business plan, financials, elevator pitch and so on – as well as guiding you through the hurdles and obstacles you’ll encounter. My goal is to get your great new or young business the money you need to create a world changing business.

I believe a big part of that process can be shown through a set of tools, courses and products too. I’m going to be working with my current group of entrepreneurs to create those tools throughout 2010. And if you are an entrepreneur looking for help – reach out and I’ll see if I have bandwidth. No promises but I may have some bandwidth to help. 

And in the meantime, even if you are the most passionate entrepreneur on the planet – why not take an afternoon off and do something completely different – and maybe you too will see the woods instead of the trees. And it could be the most productive afternoon you’ve had in years.

If you do take the afternoon off – come back and leave a comment or send me an email. I’d like to hear if taking a step back helped you too…


PS – here’s a few quick questions so you can tell me how I can help you…should take 20 seconds MAX!

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