Podcast: Raising Millions – An Interview with Erik Benson, MD @ Voyager Capital

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Today’s podcast is an interview with Erik Benson, an MD at Voyager Capital in the Pacific Northwest.

Erik_ Benson

Erik takes us through a number of areas including:

  • What makes Voyager Capital different than it’s peers in terms of the value it brings to it’s entrepreneurs.  Come listen to find out about three key areas of value that Voyager delivers – keep an ear out for ‘GTM’, ‘HPT’ and “PEP’. (A blog first exclusive for The Funding Guru!)
  • The kinds of companies Erik invests in and the types of companies he’s looking for…
  • Erik also gives us some tips on how to get noticed by Venture Capitalists if you are NOT plugged into their advisory network or alumni group. Take a listen to get a tip that could help you with Voyager and most other VCs.
  • One key sound bite is Erik believes its never too soon to met an entrepreneur – he lets you know how you can reach out to him in the podcast.

Could Voyager Capital be right for you?

Voyager  tends to invest between $500K – $3m (first round)

  • Commits in the range of $7m per investment
  • And they are actively looking to find another 7-8 new companies to invest in with the current fund

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Thanks for your time Erik and thanks for your time listener!

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(Erik Benson Interview with the Funding Guru Part 2)


(Erik Benson Interview with the Funding Guru Part 3)

NOTE: Podcast music is called Rocket by Kevin Macleod

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