Podcast: Raising Millions – Venture Capitalist Interview – Eric Hjerpe, Kepha Partners

Eric_Hjerpe_Interview1 (Part 1)

TheFundingGuru_EJ Interview (Part 1)

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Are you looking for Venture Capital Investment? Would $5 million dollars help you take your business to the next level? Well, despite the challenging economy there are still people out there looking to put money, experience and contacts to work helping entrepreneurs make the next generation of great companies – and lets face it – the economy could use the boost!

As ever – it will be the entrepreneurs, business builders and their financial supporters who will lift their communities and their countries by building great companies which tap into the innovation of their founders and employees to deliver products and services which meet our needs.

Today I was lucky enough to interview a partner of a young and fast moving Venture Capital firm called Kepha Partners – as promised, I focused on very specific questions that you’ll need the answers too if you are looking for to secure a $2 or $3 or $5 million dollar investment in your company.

This was a fantastic interview and I really appreciate Eric’s candor and the simple way he outlined what it really takes to go out there and secure significant amounts of money from Venture Capitalists. He not only covered what he finds important when considering investing in a young company but takes us through the benefit of his experience to take us through many of the critical elements all entrepreneurs should consider when talking to ANY Venture Capital firm.

Again – A fantastic Interview! Worth listening too over and over again…

These were some of the questions I asked Eric –

  1. Tell us about you and your venture capital firm
  2. What areas do you invest in and what is the typical range of investment?
  3. From what you are seeing – What impact is the challenging economy having on the Venture Capital industry and the investments you and they are making?
  4. Where do you find companies to invest in? Are they cold calls or referrals or some other route?
  5. What are you looking for?
  6. What is your selection criteria and how do you weight it?
  7. What process do you go through when deciding if you’ll invest?
  8. What tips the balance towards a “Yes!” investment
  9. What should you NOT do when looking for Venture Capital investment?
  10. Can a company approach you directly via your website? What is your website address?

And here are some sound bites and areas covered during today’s podcast:

“The Business Idea is low on the list – No.1 for me is the Team…”

“I get asked – ‘Do I need a Business Plan?’…I personally prefer a great presentation with rigorous spreadsheets beneath…”

“I like to invest alongside other partners in other firms who I’ve worked with before on boards…”

“Don’t name drop other venture capital firms – often I can pick up the phone and just ask them…”

“We look at making a series A investment in the $5 million dollar range…”

Again – I highly recommend you listen to this podcast – especially if you either are currently looking for funding from the Venture Capital community or even if you think you might do at some point in your career.

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Andrew D. Ive


Eric_Hjerpe_Interview2 (Part 2)


Eric_Hjerpe_Interview3  (Part 3)

TheFundingGuru_com_EJ Interview (Part 3)

Eric_Hjerpe_Interview4 (Part 4)

TheFundingGuru_com_EJ Interview (Part 4) 

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