Quick Poll – Its All about YOU! (And always has been…)

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Here’s a quick poll….

Now I was going to set up a nice and easy to use poll and create links etc on this post…

But you know what, if you can’t add your choice as a comment or send me an email via the ‘Contact’ page, then you probably don’t care enough…

…and those people that don’t care enough…

I don’t really want their opinion…

…would you?

So here’s the poll…

Would you rather see articles on:
1) How to get angel investor funding?
2) How to get venture capital funding
3) How to find angel investors?
4) How to close an investor deal?
5) What are thetypical steps to engaging and closing an investor for your business?
6) Other (Please throw out a few suggestions and we may add them to the poll list)
7) So what is frustrating, bothering or worrying you about starting a business, growing a business or getting funding?

Just trying to get ‘into’ those areas that are really important to YOU!

YES, YOU! Not Me but You…so, over to YOU now…

Anything…go CRAZY!

Comment or send an email… (andrew (at) thefundingguru dot com)

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  • May 25, 2010

    I’ll vote for No. 1, 3, 4, 7… And my suggestion is to amplify the focus of the information you write about: i.e, info about Latin America angel investors; recommended use and destination of funds (marketing, R&D, consolidation, etc.-)

    Best regards..


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