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The Truth

Typical Sales Process

The typical sales process is for me to tell you why you need me. To justify myself and the cost of my coaching. Truth is - I'm not going to do that today. Here's Why...First, I only have 3 places opening up. Second, I don't want to coach 99% of the people who read this page. It's the truth. It wouldn't matter how much they'd be prepared to pay, I don't need the money but always need more time.

There are 3 places opening up for coaching/mentoring - I need to be specific about who I coach and mentor. I recently started working with a lady who had an industry changing product but she was a real challenge to work with - despite the upside I quickly cut her loose...time is too short.

If you want to start a company, launch a product, grow a business and nothing will stop you from achieving your goal - then I may want to be your coach and mentor. If you want to be coached / mentored by me then you need to tell me why.

Yes - really. If I'm going to carve out time in my life for you, I want to know you and your business should be worth it to me. If you can't find ten minutes to tell me why then either you haven't thought about it enough or it's not important enough for you. If either is the case, its not going to work. Told you 99% of the people wouldn't be right for me...

The reality is, I'll get a lot of calls and emails from people and I'll need to wade through and figure out who to work with.

Here's how it's going to work. We'll spend at least 60 minutes a week on a call or skype. Might be more, might be less. It's not about getting time for money - its about you getting what you want in your business. We're not punching the clock here. Together, we'll work through what your BIG LIFE & BUSINESS goals are and we'll break them down so we know how to achieve them.

Each week we'll agree what's next and what you'll do to get it done. That last sentence is important - we'll agree what you will do to get each step done. You are accountable. You.

Here's the last important point. Being coached/mentored by me and me giving you my time is not free. It's true that coaching is not my 'career' or my job but I've found if the people I work with don't value my time then they don't achieve their goals. The amount for my coaching needs to be significant to you so you take it seriously, make sure you get the results and not waste my time.

How much is that? You need to tell me that number when you either call or email. So I'm not going to say it's $500, $1000 or a million dollars an hour or a month - it needs to be a significant number so you get and stay motivated, accountable and get a fire in your belly from the first time we talk until you achieve your goals.

Below you'll find a phone number. Call it and leave a message - tell me what you want to accomplish, why I should coach you and what coaching/mentoring fee is significant enough for you to be motivated and to appreciate both your (and even more important to me) my time. If you can do that then maybe we'll be right for each other. If you can't - I wish you well. Drop by my site at any time in the future. You are always welcome to read the posts etc.

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Leave a message and tell me why you want me as your mentor and coach. Make it good :) and leave your email and cell number.

Coaching Fee

You decide what is significant enough to light the fire under you so you'll not waste my time or yours.

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