New Family Member delay’s launch

Hey guys

Some of you were let into the secret that I’ve been working hard on preparing to launch a product….well, this weekend blew up because we gained a new family member.

The back story is my daughter has been working hard on her math after we told her if she knocked it out of the park – we’d get her our families first (and only…) puppy.

Well, after consistently delivering HIGH test results – we gave in and went ‘just to look’ at puppies this weekend.

My daughter is obviously better at this ‘selling stuff’ than me as she had figured out….

…get us playing with a cute puppy and it would be impossible for us to give him back to the breeder. 

So – a good two months earlier than planned – ‘Coconut’ joined the family.

Here’s a quick 60 second video to show you why we couldn’t give him back… 🙂

So apologies that the product launch will be a few days delayed – I’ve already had a lot of emails from many of you asking for more details…all will be revealed soon…

But given I have to walk Coconut every hour or two and keep getting diverted, it may work out to be a day or two more…but have no fear…

I’ll be able to get out the tools and step by step techniques for raising the money you need for your business soon.

Stay tuned and if you have a comment for Coconut….click the post header at the top of the page and leave your comment.

Best to you and your family.


PS – as I type this coconut is literally stretched across my feet under my desk completely asleep – who ever said a dog’s life was a bad thing??



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