Last Night’s Train Wreck Webinar on “How to Get Angel Investors”

Wow!  Held my first webinar last night focused on ‘How to Get Angel Investors’. Boy was it a train wreck!

Why? Well, the webinar maxed out with 100 attendees plus me….fantastic!

People were engaged – asked questions – were engaged….great!

I focused on some real and specific ‘things you can do tomorrow’ to go out and start making REAL traction with angel investors…amazing!

And we spent two hours going through some great content – an hour over schedule and most of the 100 people stayed active and tuned in…incredible!

So why was it a train wreck?

Because I, jackass that I am, in my complete nervousness with my first webinar FORGOT to press the Go-To-Webinar button to SHARE my screen….

Yep! 100 people stuck around for two hours…LISTENING ONLY to the webinar and I didn’t know how to read the comments from folks saying “Hey Andrew – can’t see the slides….” or “Slides please…”

Two hours of NO slides – just blank page….and people stayed on the line. The mind boggles!

Thank you if you were on the call…I apologize for my technological ineptitude!

During the call I outlined that we’ll be offering something we’ve NEVER done before….

But it will only be available to a handful of people.

Find out more here and listen to a replay of last nights webinar…




PS – listen to a replay of the Webinar Train Wreck




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