My personal commitment is to help my clients successfully start, grow and fund their businesses – I am open to work with leaders in their field to meet these goals.

I often get requests to create joint ventures – unfortunately, only a small percentage of these requests are right for my audience.

Before you contact me to explore a joint venture, take a look through my criteria so that you and I can both focus on the most relevant relationships to our businesses. If your project meets this criteria – send an email to me through the Contact us page. If your project does not meet the criteria, I’d go find people better suited to your business.

High Value Add Content / No IM Highlighter “Glitz”

Our audience is smart, discriminating, passionate about their businesses and is usually time crunched – the success of their startup is EVERYTHING.  We will not put anything in front of them that is not intelligent, a real value add, high up on the quality bar and help them achieve their goals either easier, faster or for less cost.

Red headlines and fake scarcity will be laughed out of the room. If it ain’t gonna help them start, grow and fund their businesses then whatever you’re selling isn’t relevant to them.

We work with company founders – people who could will become the founders of the next startup powerhouses. I will not work with anyone who doesn’t have strong ethics and a reputation that rings the bell of honesty – no used-car-sales techniques. I work with people I trust – we should feel comfortable doing business on a handshake together, even though contracts are sometimes necessary. Character is everything!

Large and established audience

My commitment is to help startup founders so there is some flexibility but I’m available  to help out by participating on calls, blog submissions, seminars or webinars – my focus is to leverage my time to have maximum impact. When I have conflicting opportunities, my criteria will be where I can meet my personal commitment to help startup founders.

Reviews and Endorsements

We frequently review products and services on this blog and to my list.  If that’s why you are here, these rules still apply.


If you have an interesting speaking opportunity – use the Contact us page, outline the details you believe will make me say ‘Yes’ instantly.

If I’ve missed anything (and it can happen:) ) – reach out to me via the Contact page and I’ll get back to you.

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