Interview with Selling Guru Erik Luhrs on ‘Be Do Sale’ – His New Book

Over the past few months I’ve taken an interest and gotten to know Erik Luhrs.

For those that haven’t had that good fortune – Eric is an advisor to some senior business people giving his expertise in the sales arena after created the GURUS Selling System.

Eric can do a better job than I can outlining how his selling system is different than other ‘techniques’ out there but as I tend to help entrepreneurs, perhaps you are wondering why this is relevant to you?

A few key reasons –

Eric approach resonates with me personally because one of the core components is focused on business people being their genuine selves. In my opinion, people, dogs and even babies are programmed to spot BS – and the only way you can truly have a long term relationship with ANYONE is if you are genuine and true to who you are and your core.

Why is that point and Erik’s Selling System relevant to you as a startup founder?

Because you need to ‘sell’ potential new employees, investors and would be customers and as an entrepreneur, you often have to conjure substance out of thin air like some business magician.

In my opnion therefore, learning how to ‘sell’ but from a place of authenticity and genuineness is CRITICAL.

Now as always, I’m thinking about how to give you (My wonderful readers) – some unique value and I’ve done it this time too – so make sure you read on to the bottom of this post.

Now Erik’s training is UBER expensive – we’re talking $70K for a five day intensive…and do you know what? People PAY it because Erik get’s results.

But Erik has just release a book called ‘Be Do Sale’ that encapsulates many of the key elements of his training – so being cheeky (a UK expression so Google it if you don’t get the reference)…I used the fact that Erik has a book tour going on to grab him for a one hour interview (Below!).

In this interview you will get so many actionable ideas and techniques that its worth you listening.

And….if you buy Erik’s book and send me the amazon receipt, Erik has promised to send you a bonus. And No, I have no idea what it is but knowing Erik it will be good value.

Listen to the interview below then click through to order Erik’s book at Amazon.

A few notices….

1) My mic was dying the day I recorded this interview so the audio is good but not great. Sorry about that but as always, its about the quality of the ideas and the content, not the studio production.

2) If you do buy ‘Be Do Sale’ via Amazon – don’t forget to email me the receipt for your ‘The Funding Guru’ reader BONUS! to andrew (at) the web address above.

Let me and Erik know what you think of his content and this interview via the comments below or again, shoot me a 1:1 email.

And AFTER you’ve read it, do Erik a favor and go BACK to Amazon and review it. After reading this book you’ll probably agree that you owe Erik a favor – one way to pay it forward is to add a review to Amazon with your thoughts and comments.

Erik Luhrs_Final

Be Do Sale: How to create more sales right now, regardless of what the competition or the economy is doing, using The GURUS Selling System!


GURUS Selling System

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