Great Tips for Starting a Catering Business: Inspirational

Tips for Bootstapping A Catering Company

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Today’s posting is an inspirational podcast.  If you have an interest in starting a catering business then you must listen to this interview.

There are some critical elements in today’s interview with Chef Khalil that I’d like to call out…

Chef Khalil has leveraged his passion to not only start a business with different revenue streams but he’s also using his passion and common sense approach to growing a business which is making a difference to kids and other people.

There are many elements to take out of this interview but the one’s which I gained are:

  • Constantly learning – taking courses, signing up to news letters in your space, keeping up to speed on your area, never resting on the accomplishments you’ve had but be constantly growing and striving
  • Finding mentors who can teach you – even if it means working for free
  • Steady growth – don’t assume instant success, test the waters, plan and don’t over-extend yourself either financially or emotionally – keep a balance in your life
  • Sacrifice – Chef Khalil re-invested his profit into his business while managing his startup and a full time job – he knew what he wanted to achieve and was focused on achieving it
  • Partnering – Its common for companies to leverage affiliates and partnerships online  but Chef Khalil is using this approach for his culinary business – its always possible to leverage partners and your community for any business
  • Vision – know where you are going,  why you’re going to get there then figure out the how and do it

So – I highly recommend that you listen to this brief interview with Chef Khalil – its inspiring because he is using his passion to help others but his common sense approach to business should be a course taught in every business school throughout the country – especially in this time of economic challenge. The key thought I took out is – if you want to be your own boss, you can achieve your goal if you have a passion, a commitment and are prepared to sacrifice to achieve it – even if it takes time – because, everything worth anything ‘always’ takes time…it doesn’t matter if we’re talking business, personal life or a good bottle of wine – everything worth anything always take time, focus and passion.

Listen to this interview, give Chef Khalil and me your comments and let us all know what you gained from this interview. I hope you gain as much as I did…

If anyone would like to reach out to Chef Khalil – his web address is:

Thanks to all my readers and especially, to Chef Khalil.

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  • fiona
    June 11, 2010

    thanks for this, downloaded podcast. i have been gathering tips and articles on how to boost my catering business. it’s just a month old and operation’s a bit slow now but i’m positive that we’re headin’ in the right path.

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