Getting Your First Angel Investor – A Light Hearted look


You’re treading through the entrepreneurial forest surrounded by uncertainty and mist – taking one careful step at a time, frightened to pick and commit to one path, you wonder if there is still time to turn around and head back into safer country – they’ve kept your old job available (..surely…) but, only pausing for a moment, you know, deep down, that you are already committed. Gulp!

…the hunt it on.

Your gun is lowered but your sweaty hands clasp and unclasp around stock and barrel.

You feel the weapon, knowing it has some weight – knowing too that it’s not as big or as powerful as those guns possessed by others but nevertheless, you’re still proud – it makes you smile because you created it with your own two hands.

You press on, only briefly glancing back over your shoulder, the path you’ve trod already dark and uninviting.

Your gun gleams in a flash of sunlight and inspiration…is it time to ready it? Should you relax for a bit longer? Will it be good enough to bring down your first investor?

Barely daring to breath – you swallow with a drying mouth – knowing your ability to eat rests on the next few moments, scanning for investor movement, then…

– SNAP –

…your last step breaks a twig underfoot…and the angels burst from the brush…

Your heart responds by jumping into your throat – damn! So Soon….too soon?

They scatter in multiple directions – none towards you but sighting one that looks fat and promising – before you’re even properly lined up – you pull the trigger, desperate to bag your first.

With half shut eyes you watch perhaps you last chance fly on brisk wings, already knowing the result in the hollow of your stomach.

You Missed! 

…and the sound of fluttering fades with your hopes, disappearing into the gray sky.

But out the corner of one eye, you see movement. Could it be?

Twisting your head, you see it…Yes!

A breath, held as you squint to make sure…  

Lined up and holding tight, you pull the trigger, wincing as the gun recoils.


A Hit!

Whew – you bagged your first angel.

Now what?

Do you really have to gut it yourself?

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