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Can 1748 people be wrong?

Just in case you didn’t get the memo ( 🙂 )….we will soon be launching Funding Academy to founders and entrepreneurs who are committed to raising funds for their business, startups or ideas.

Just wanted to let you know as one of our readers how its going – a sort of ‘behind the scenes’ or opening the kimono just in case you’re interested,

So because of the launch we’ve been giving away some great content to help people start the fast funding process (free report, videos, MP3s etc) (click here) and as a backup I uploaded the first and then second video to YouTube.

And what happened?

In the last 6 days, 1722 people have downloaded the report (Click here), 1691 people have watched video #1 (Click here), 1748 have watched  video #2 (Click here), the comments, subscribes & emails have been digitally overflowing my email box.

And btw – these numbers are for the youtube videos – the same magnitude of people have been watching via the main website which are not youtube videos.

It’s mind blowing for just the last 7 days no? What do you think? Is this normal?

Really thankful that people are getting value and amazed by the response. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If there’s someone you know who might benefit from these free videos – pass them forward.

Who do you know who would benefit from videos and tools to raise money for their business or startup / ideas?

best to you and yours


PS Any questions – just ask.

Funding Academy

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