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Want to raise money for your Business in the next 89 Days or Less?




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This is usually where uncool marketers write lots of copy in an attempt to “sell” you on spending loads of your hard earned cash but I know you’re a busy person and you’re not into all that stuff – so I’ll be brief and to the point…

 If your goal is to build a visionary business and get the funding you need in 89 days or less…then you should get the Funding Academy Course. (How’s that for simple and to the point?)

You may wonder if YOU can do it?  One person, an early “twenty something” guy called Carlos who had never started a business in his life, went ahead after taking the course and found the financial supporters he needed…


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“…Hi Andrew, a miracle happened. I got selected by X (Removed to keep his Confidentiality). 10 among 1217 projects.

….I’m very happy tonight!…”

Carlos F.


Wouldn’t it be great if that were you?  

But great thing is – once you’ve learnt “HOW”, you can use the tools and techniques throughout your career. Think about it…having the ability to raise money from investors whenever you need too…now, next year or in five years. What impact would having that ability make on your life?

Here’s what the Funding Academy covers:

  • Seizing your Market / Opportunity
  • Self Analysis: including Identifying the BEST investors for your business
  • Pre-Launch Preparation: Creating powerful tools to hook your investors
  • Engagement: The Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Your Investors
  • Closing the Deal: Taking it across the line and getting the best deal!
  • Post Investment: How to leverage your New Investors to Step Change Your Business

During this comprehensive course we cover such questions as:[list style=”grey-check-5″]

  • What is the best way to find and interest investors?
  • how to find investors?
  • What Return on investment is expected?
  • How to reach potential investors?
  • How to access to alternative funding sources?
  • Where to find a suitable angel investor?
  • What is the most effective way to identify and contact accredited investors?
  • How do you balance financing with participation in decision making?
  • Why is it much more difficult for a food company to raise funds than a technology company?
  • Where can I find a “reasonable” angel list?
  • How can I make my business attractive?
  • What is the right time to raise funds?
  • How to approach potential investors
  • How do I pitch to investors?
  • Where do I start and how do I do it without losing the family silver?
  • How does a sole entrepreneur get funding?
  • VC vs Angels?
  • Do I Need To Raise Funds ??
  • What should I look for in an angel investor?

[/list] and others questions you have….

Central to the Funding Academy is a series of coaching webinar recordings, additional videos, audios and step by step PDFs and mindmaps to give you everything you need to go through the funding process successfully.

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]But what else?[/hilight]

On top of these webinars – when you get all FOUR modules in Funding Academy, we also include …

  • a 30 minute 1:1 with Andrew focused on your business model, investor tools and questions
  • Bonus Worksheets and blueprints to increase the liklihood of you funding success.
  • And – (and this should really help…) a special BONUS mini-course focused on how to handle Investor objections and How to Get them to “Yes”. This bonus will be sold as a product in its own right soon 

If you watched the video you’ll know I’m doing this differently…

I’m not going to send you everything and hope you start using it. Here’s how it will work…

Just get Module 1 Today. When you use it and start making progress, come back and get Module 2.

The Investment:

The other guys would try to sell you on the entire course for some big amount – but I want to build a relationship based on ‘proof’, value and trust so I’m going to do it differently…

Take and try the Overall Funding Academy Blueprint and Module 1. Use Module 1 and when you are ready – you can get Module 2. The goal here is for you to make and SEE real progress before you buy the next piece of the course. Make sense?

Each Module will be $179.  But you can only get Access to Module 1 Today. (You can get Module 2 after you’ve taken and made progress on Module 1….)

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  • The Funding Academy Blueprint: The framework You need for step by step funding
  • Module 1: Get Yourself ready to get Funding
  • BONUS: Investor Networking – How to Go out and Find Angel Investors – no matter where you live[/banner]

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Shoot me a note after you’ve made your decision with the subject ‘I’m In’ today…I’d like to connect and welcome you onboard

Looking forward to it!

[email protected]

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PS – Did I mention the guarantee? Take the full course and if you don’t like it for ANY reason or no reason at all – send me an email telling me you want to cancel and I’ll give you a full refund.  At any time within ONE FULL YEAR! That’s how confident I am 🙂


PPS – this may be the only time we make this course available via Digital Access – we’ll be shortly moving to physical products so get this while its still available. Thanks for your time today!


(Audio replay of webinar at very top of page)


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