Did you review “Startup: The Magic Ingredient” Yet?

Big thanks to Gerard Hancock for a cool review on Amazon for my first attempt at getting a report listed in the Kindle and Nook bookstores. 

Its a pretty nice review and I don’t even know Gerard – go figure 😉

Here’s the review….(I’m happy!)

“An Idea Who’s Time Has Come!

Is that you? Possibly you’ve been sitting on an idea for a while now. Possibly a few years. It won’t escape you. It only evolves. It only becomes more intricate as time moves on. And Finally: It demands Funding! It’s time to develop it into a physical business: A product and a profit!

Grab your Kindle – kiss the wife – pat the dog! Head down – by yourself – to the nearest Starbucks at a remote table, and make it your office for the next hour or so, as you casually read your new copy of “Startup: The Magic Ingredient to Kick Start Your Fund Raising,” by Andrew Ive!

It’s simple and it embodies some humor seasoned into his story of his experience of an 18 month adventure which finally culminated in six million dollars of funding. However from this experience he says it wouldn’t have had to take 18 months if he knew then what he knows now. Isn’t that how it is with most things in life? Yes… with hind sight we see better. We actually see the forest and we usually see the trees too – with hindsight! However, with our hindsight, we can advise somebody… sometimes with just the simplest concepts and save them mountains of time!

(Andrew’s book is a short read… it’s entertaining from time to time… and it’s riveting: Even when you start reading it hours way past your bedtime, and sleep is beckoning you!)

Now… shut down your office – dispose of your paper cup – and drive out to a quiet and tranquil park or lakeside, with nothing particular to do… except to digest and internalize, what you just read, and to reflect on your past attempts to fund your business.

Andrews ebook is a good place to begin… or possibly even to learn to dismiss some previously misinformed plans about the funding process. Because sometimes just one misguided idea can shape our whole outlook on a process… and we never reach out goal because of one misguided idea we cling to. Such may be the case with your past attempts to get funding.

Sometimes it takes some reflection on our past to see how it conflicts with a new idea… and to see how to change our future. To me: Andrew’s simple idea is one which should do what I just described in the minds of a lot of people who are seeking funding and who read his short ebook.

This read is priced less than a Starbuck’s and can probably be consumed in the same amount of time. It’s worth it to become acquainted with the thoughts of Andrew Ive.”

Want to read it too?

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