Critical Mindset Shift Needed for Fast Funding

Fast Funding Video

Hey Guys

So over the last week or so I’ve been putting the finishing touches to a set of videos to respond to the 220+ survey responses you gave me. Thank you!!!!

For those who don’t know – about two weeks I asked you, my readers, to send me the #1 question you have on finding investors and raising money for your business.

About 10% of you answered (not a bad turnout…!)

Having the pleasure of going through them, I was absolutely blown away by the thoughtful questions, the breadth of information people needed and in many cases, just how much pain is often involved in being rejected over and over again by potential investors. (Are they mad????)

Chatting and emailing with many of you, you gave me some insights into many of the super cool businesses you’re working hard to get off the ground

As a side note – I’m amazed these would be investors don’t seem to be able to ‘Get it!’ and start working with you right now….

So how about we change that together? Your business, your vision and your ideas together with my funding know-how….got to be a winning combination right? 😉

To that end I’m putting the finishing touches to some videos which cover powerful techniques that, when you deploy them, should start getting you the investor traction you want and need.

You can watch the first video by clicking below. The biggest deal for me is to get your emails and your comments.

After you watch the video – shoot me a note or add you comments directly below the video.

fast funding video












PS – A weird thing happened with this video….

I uploaded it to the site to test it and as a backup added it to Youtube at close to midnight yesterday.  I didn’t bother mentioning it to anyone because it was bed time…

…but when I woke up a few hundred people had already watched it. Weird – some crazed sleepless entrepreneur must have sent it to his buddies – is there an Insomniac Entrepreneurs Video Club I don’t know about? 🙂

Right now, still under 24 hours and close to 300 folks have watched it…is that a record given I’m not Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Megan Fox?

Fast Funding Video

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  • Derrelle W.
    April 13, 2012

    Oh God!! Thanks for this video the information was so helpful and it explains much I’ve been trying to find funding for years I’ve spend thousands of dollars at Fedex faxing potential investors “didn’t work” I have ideas oozing out of my head and all I want is an investor to listen and potentially fund my startup. I can’t wait for the next video thanks for all the information because knowledge gets me one step closer to where Im trying to go. Thanks Again

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