Celebration Weekend

If you are one of my coaching student’s then you already know that this weekend is a personal celebration weekend in my household…its my daughter’s birthday….

That means getting woken up early by a child jumping up and down on my head – thankfully its not Christmas early….

Then getting dressed, throwing the espresso machine into high gear, grabbing a chocolate croissant and running out the door with the full family in tow.

(you’ve seen the movie Home Alone right?….Someone remind me to count everyone as we leave 🙂 )

But – Why the rush??

Because we have big birthday plans in New York City Baby…

First up a brunchie breakfast in a landmark hotel…perhaps if the waiters and the concierge aren’t looking, perhaps we’ll ride the elevators to the top floor to check out the view….

Then its off to an afternoon matinee of my daughter’s soon-to-be favorite Broadway Show.

And afterwards…Ice cream!

Tomorrow promises to be a HIGH Carbs day but tough…its a day for breaking all the rules.

Which brings me to The Funding Blueprints….

In honor of breaking all the rules and to celebrate my daughter’s crazy birthday weekend…

We’ll be opening up the coaching program AND slashing the usual entry price.

Yep, for this weekend only…if you head on over to The Funding Blueprints site…

You can join the coaching program and we’re cutting the price from $279 per month to only $149 per month for as long as you stay in…

No hikes later…no small print…none of that shenanigans…

If you are committed to raising funds for your business – come take a look at…


One caveat here (isn’t there always one?) – there are only 100 places available and this offer ends at midnight eastern time on Sunday.

So again 100 decision makers only – drop dead date and time – Sunday 11.59pm ET. No excuses.

And if you are already a coaching client who opted in at the regular price – shoot me an email (you have my email address…) and we’ll sort it out for you.

No problems at all.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter. And thanks for coming by…

Best to you.



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