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Start Your Business

Its time for a good hard look at your commitment to starting and growing your own business. Every day I come chat with people who…

Do you have the startup bug?

Some people are destined to start their own business and others, well, those others will always be happier working for someone else.…

Happy Holidays!

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What Are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#3)

One of the top ten most all time popular questions relating to Angel investors (aside from "Where the heck can I find them...") is "What are angel investors looking for?" or "What are the main motivations of angel investors?"

Help Raising Funds for Startups: The Dragon Slayer

Received some questions today from readers so thought I would answer them via a post – just in case other readers wondered…

Who is the Funding Guru? Weird, Warts and All

Who is the Funding Guru? Weird, Warts and All - Now, as requested, here is some background on who the funding guru is - Any more questions or does this pretty much cover it?

Saturday Morning – Thanks for your comments…

Thanks for your questions and comments!   Add a comment to a “Big Mistake” video below and perhaps be one of the first…

A Big Mistake!

When they’re ready – I’ll give away trials of the tools to ten randomly chosen people who leave comments on this…

Podcast: Raising Millions – An Interview with Erik Benson, MD @ Voyager Capital

The kinds of companies Erik invests in and the types of companies he's looking for... Erik also gives us some tips on how to get noticed by Venture Capitalists if you are NOT plugged into their advisory network or alumni group. Take a listen to get a tip that could help you with Voyager and most other VCs.
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