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Getting to know Food Tech

This article was originally published in AgFunderNews. “The heat in the food industry is pretty intense,” Andrew Ive, Food-X’s…

The #1 Reason Why You Don’t Have an Investor Yet: Guaranteed!

The Number 1 Reason Why You Don’t Have Investors Yet – Guaranteed  We have never met but even so I can, by the end…

Having Problems Raising Money for Your Business? Mega Tip 2

Last night, while mowing the lawn, I was thinking about some of the ways I was able to break through the barriers and raise both…

Act Fast!

[big_button color=”orange” url=”http://www.fundingacademy.com/funding-academy-express/” desc=””]…

Are you this kind of person?

So much so that I spent months looking through different sites, subscribing to different email lists and following certain bloggers. I thought I could get everything I needed from multiple sources and save myself some cash. After all, you can get nearly everything you need for free online right?

Are Angel Investors Cheap Money?

The first two companies I started began with Angel Investments -- for the first start-up, where I had designed an award winning fire escape ladder, the angel’s cash allowed me to quit being a minimum waged Consultant (minimum wage when you divided my hefty salary by the 100 + hour working weeks...) and gave me the chance to pursue my passion to start and build my first business.

What Are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#3)

One of the top ten most all time popular questions relating to Angel investors (aside from "Where the heck can I find them...") is "What are angel investors looking for?" or "What are the main motivations of angel investors?"

Need funds for your startup?

So flip your thinking – if you have already tried to raise capital from different angels or a handful or more of venture capitalists and haven’t locked that cash in yet…the problem isn’t with the investors you’ve been speaking with – I can tell you…without knowing anything about you or your business…that you and how you are going about raising the money you need, are the problem.

What are Angel Investors Looking For? The Six Key Motivations of Angel Investors (#1)

Angels are usually motivated by more than one of the key angel investor motivations - but understanding their key driver is critical both before and after they become your angel investor. By understanding this - you can align their interests and yours and negotiate the best deal for you, your business and your investors. Finding an angel predominantly motivated by financial return is neither a positive or a negative - but by identifying that financial return is a key motivator is critical so you know what information to emphasis during and after the negotiation. A good rule of thumb with ALL investors is communicate clearly and honestly about your business (even the problems and challenges - actually especially the problems and the challenges....), now you understand their primary motivation, keep that in mind during all interactions and focus on driving your business forward making sure you achieve the milestones you set and agreed with the angel when you established your relationship.
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