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You can get almost everything you need for free on the web…

So much so that I spent months looking through different sites, subscribing to different email lists and following certain bloggers. I thought I could get everything I needed from multiple sources and save myself some cash. After all, you can get nearly everything you need for free online right?

But then I realized something.  Yes, I probably could…if I was looking for a recipe for chocolate brownies or the ten steps to teach my dog to sit and roll over, then you can probably find everything you need for free online. But I realized, after spending months pulling different strands of information together, that I was going to have to take a risk and trust that the person who was offering me a product that I’d have to pay for, was not a shark and the product would be worth more than I paid for it…

I had to, in short, suspend my disbelief that this person was going to screw me…tough when it was more than $100 and how much about this guy did I really know? I guess the reason I took the step and bought the product was because what I wanted to know was not as unimportant as a chocolate brownie recipe – I wanted the information and a) didn’t want to wait and spend the hours or days pulling the information together and b) I wanted to make sure the information was good information…I made the decision to trust that person and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed…

So – I recently launched (in a very quiet manner…) two products / services….the first was offering ten entrepreneurs one on one time to help them prepare for angel or venture capital funding….I called that program “1 of 10” and details are here

Most of the ten slots sold out quite quickly – so some people suspended their disbelief and were committed enough to their new businesses, that piecing together information from multiple sources and ‘winging it’ wasn’t good enough. I guess that when something is as important as fulfilling your lifetime dream of starting a business, investing in improving your chances of success is a smart thing to do…

The other quiet launch was of an audio product which was designed to help people supercharge their fund raising from angel investors in particular.  Details of that product are here

This audio product is a pre-launch of a more comprehensive (but probably more expensive) product with video, pdfs and audio.

So after writing multiple posts to help people I finally dipped my toe in the water and create some products. The goal of those products is to bring together years of experience and help people who want to increase their chances of raising money to fund their new or young businesses.  Some readers have asked why? And even thought (or implied…) that it was somehow wrong of me to do so…the short answer is, there are plenty of free resources online but I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for…if something is worthwhile, then there is usually a cost involved – like any business, the customer needs to decide if the item they wish to buy is worth the price tag attached.  I can honestly say that making a few hundred bucks for a product is not a real motivator – but, and here’s why there’s a price tag at all, knowing people appreciate the content enough to purchase them and based on that purchase will likely take the content and use it to start or supercharge their business IS a huge motivator.

Could I give it all away for free? Sure. Would people value the content as much…you know, somehow I doubt it and anyway, what is the price tag for saving yourself months and increasing your chances of getting the money you need to fulfill your dream?

Last question of the post – what help do you need? or What question do you have? If you could get help with anything related to your startup – what would that be? Anything goes related to bootstrapping, angel investors, Venture capitalist or even broader.

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  • March 3, 2010

    It’s hard to take that step sometimes. For me the dilemma is always that I have the money to spend, but only if it makes me more money, cause otherwise I have bills to pay, and a child to raise… Couple years ago I would never let any of my hard earned money go to something I should be able to get for free… However in the more recent years I’ve realized that not investing into your own training, knowledge, memberships, etc can be detrimental to your success. I’m doing much better now with my paid memberships and professional training programs etc.
    .-= xInd Business Guild´s last blog ..Victoria Mitchell became a registered member =-.

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