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Quick Favor

Hey there
So this morning I sent a short email out to my subscribers and I think I hit a nerve…more than a hundred people have already completed my two question super quick survey.
Here’s the email I sent a few hours ago….:

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“Andrew here, I’ll be sending you more updates in just a little bit, but first I need to ask you a favor.
I am very close to finishing my course work for “Funding Academy”. I’ve been working on this for the past eighteen months and will be releasing the product in early April, but before I do, I have to ask you a couple of really
quick questions. Can you help me out?
You can answer the questions here and get a little more detail on Funding Academy here.
All of the responses have been awesome! Really great questions that most entrepreneurs are probably asking themselves such as…
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“What mistakes must I avoid as I take $$ from an early investor that might unnecessarily constrain my degrees of freedom down the road?
“…How do I protect my future CapTable when taking those early bucks?…”
“…the best way to catch potential investor’s attention & security of the investment?…”
“…how to match myself w/ the right investor?…”
“…how to structure a simple seed deal?…”
“…How do you pitch to potential investors when you are still in start up w/o revenues, but your idea and timing are excellent?…”
“…What is the precise written format most investors want to see from start ups? Are there intermediaries who are better able to introduce start ups to investors?…”[/title]

And the questions keep on coming – every time I login I get a whole bunch more….fantastic!

So – here you go – do me a favor and answer this super quick survey….

Here’s the survey for you:

I’ll follow up in a few days with more results.

Feel free to add your comments below too…just click through to the post via the headline.

(Weird thing on my site is that comments can’t be added via the home page. Don’t ask me why…I just work here and I’m a tech dunce 😉 )



Quick Favor

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