Angel Investor Mind Control?

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Is raising funds for your new or growing business tougher than you thought it would be? Are you wondering what it will take to get an Angel to say “Yes!”

Well in this article I’m going to give you two things – one is a powerful angel investor suggestion which will help you (even though I don’t know about your specific business…magic huh?) and then I’m going to offer you something for free that could help you. How do I know? Because I’ve tried to spin my way to funding and I learned from the experience, so knowing this suggestion will help make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

Before we get into it – I’d like to stress one point – if you read this all the way to the end and then take action, you will be much better off than you were just ten minutes ago…but if you don’t then you will be no better off and perhaps you’ll end this day not making the progress you want to achieve and without positive action, why will tomorrow be any different too?

So read this very brief article, take a specific action and you’ll be make a move closer to getting the funding you need for your business – and we both know that more funding for your business will mean more growth, more success and a future that today you can only envision. Sorry to get all ‘Tony Robbins’ on you but I woke up today wanting to make more of a difference to you and your business and the best way I know how is to make sure you take action – and I want to help you do it…

So first the suggestion…and then I’ll get to the free offer…

Here’s Secret #1 – Angel Investors have SUPER powers…

Now they can’t leap tall buildings or see through clothing but the majority of them have a common super power which, when you know about it, will help you find and close your angel investor FASTER than you thought possible.

So what is that super power?

Angel Investors have invisible psychic tentacles which wave around their bodies.

You don’t believe me do you?

Well its true.  And these invisible psychic tentacles capture and filter every communication you make Рfrom the words to the body language, to the presentations, phone calls and emails and do you know what they are filter for?

In short – bullshit, fudging, spin, exaggeration, guesses, gloss and hyperbole…

Now you don’t realize it yet (but you will after a few months of banging your head against a wall while you DON’T get funding…) but I have given you one of the golden keys to the Angel Funding Kingdom – and collecting and using these keys means you can pretty much raise what you want, when you want and take any business idea and make it real.

Again – Angels really do have these psychic tentacles and if they touch bullshit, spin, exaggeration and the rest then any trust you’ve created will likely disappear.

So what do you do about it? How do you neutralize these psychic tentacles?

The answer is “You don’t!”

If you learn how to raise angel funding and get your angels and your funding then you will WANT there to be absolute and complete honesty and disclosure BEFORE you sign any of the contracts and get that cash. Believe me – if you are ‘spinning’ your way into the cash and then they find out you’ve been secretly exaggerating your way into funding then your life will be a living hell.

So does that mean that you tell them absolutely everything, warts and all, from day one?

Day 1 should focus on the big idea…the story behind your business…the why you matter and how you will change the world. The first meeting is NOT for airing all your weaknesses.

But the reality is – angels expect weaknesses – they’re WHY you need they money? They know that.

Don’t try to hide it from them- your goal is NOT to look perfect…

Your goal is not to look like a $1m business when you are worth $50K – your goal is to create an open and honest working relationship with angel investors who can give you the money you need.

In fact, if you bring out your weaknesses – point to then – and start talking them through how you are thinking of addressing them – you will get a few amazing results – it could even get you the funding you need.

If you and they start to brainstorm what your business needs to be successful – this is magical – because the Angel is imagining how to make your business better….and here’s the really powerful element…by giving you their ideas, they are mentally investing their will and desire to making your business successful – you are making them WANT to see you business succeed because you are following their advice – when you succeed, they succeed. And this is about ego and self image – not just about making a financial return.

So get them focusing with you on what it will take to address your companies weaknesses and you HAVE them…

And here’s the alternative – if you show them your weaknesses and they couldn’t care less and don’t have any suggestions, ideas or contacts for you -THEN YOU DON’T WANT THEM AS AN ANGEL INVESTOR. Kick them to touch, go focus on angels delivering real value above and beyond the money.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article that I would share some critical information with you and give you a free offer. What you have just read really does have the power to save you months of running around trying to lock in funding and get you not only the cash your business needs to be successful but identify the RIGHT angels who will work with you, as partners, to make your business something to be proud of.

And the free offer is the action you need to take right now to progress the funding you need.

I have just had some slot come available and will offer the first ten people who respond 20 minutes of free consultation about your funding over the next two weeks. If you would like a free 20 minute consultation about your startup there are some rules.

1) If you schedule a call and need to cancel you need to give me at least 24 hours notice. If you don’t cancel 24 hours or more before then I will not work with you in the future.

2) You need to come to that 20 minute call with the ability to communicate what your business or concept is and with 5 questions already thought through and prepared. Ideally you will email them to me 24 hours before our call. The why of this is so I can really give you value when we talk.

So if you would like a free 20 minute consultation about your funding – contact me through the ‘Contact’ page right now.

Make progress on your funding now and contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

If you are one of the lucky first ten people then we’ll be talking soon.

Best of luck in your business.


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