The Funding Guru

Andrew is an in-demand Coach and Speaker focused on helping startup and fast growing company founders launch, fund and grow their startups across the globe.

His focus on growing young businesses began with own startups, during which he raised over $20M of funds yet his real passion has been helping companies start, grow and lock in funding.

During a four year project in the United Kingdom, Andrew helped the UK Government, working alongside other funding leaders as part of the Investment Taskforce focused on creating a better Start-Up environment for business. Selected from over 2000 entrepreneurial candidates, Andrew joined the Department of Trade and Industries’ Small Business Council Board working with other entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. While sitting on the board, Andrew began to discover great founders and their businesses failing to get funding or grow because they were not ‘investment ready’ or were undercapitalized.

Frustrated that good businesses were hitting obstacles often causing catastrophic consequences  – Andrew set out with a passion to work with other leaders and start-up founders to solve this issue. The Funding Guru blog, products and services (a daily evolving project in itself) and Advisor Garage (Creators of Funding Academy) was started with a commitment to delivering resources to help start-up founders effectively and efficiently raise funds and execute their vision for their company’s success.

Often accused of being a Harvard MBA 🙂 – Andrew is far from being an academic, bringing real world start-up, growth company and fund raising experience to his coaching, his speaking, his webinars and tools – all with one mission to helping start-up and growing company founders launch visionary, business building, job creating companies globally.

If you are a company founder – reach out – there’s many ways we can help you whether its through coaching, helping you connect with people in our network, finding great team members, even a quick Q&A if you have questions about funding, starting or growing a cool business. Contact us – you’re who we’re here for…

Meet Andrew at and reach out if he can help you.

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