A Valentine’s Day Gift for You

...And Then Sometimes Valentine's Day Sucks!

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If there’s ever a great day to say ‘Thank you’ then Valentine’s day has got to be in the top five, so, after scratching my head on the best way to say ‘Thanks!”, an idea struck me….

Why not dust off a course from the archive that will give you one immediately actionable strategy to increase the speed of your fund raising and a strategy which will literally help skyrocket your startup.

Now, the course I pulled out is a little…um, rough around the edges…not least of which was my primitive graphic skills – but once you get past that and start making notes of the content – you should agree that the content will really help your business the moment you start deploying it.

If you are not starting a business right now then don’t worry – the course will give you some valuable pointers for when you do. You may never know when having the skills to raise large figure investments for a business idea might come in useful right?

Given it a hefty sized file, I’ll pull it down in about a week so – grab a coffee, a pad, pen and maybe even some headphones and dive in. You won’t regret it!

After listening. If you find it valuable – pass it on either by twitter or facebook and I’d like to hear your comments or follow up questions so come back and leave some or send me a note.

Happy Valentines to You!


I wish you much happiness and success.

Best wishes


PS – Watch it now as I will be pulling this down in a week….

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