A Blogger’s Thanksgiving

Before I get into the turkey meat of this particular posting – I wanted to give my usual reader’s a quick heads up…

…this posting will NOT be about raising money from angel or venture capitalist investors…

…it will not be about how to prepare yourself or your business for the significant step change you are about to take…

…it will not even be about the tools I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time creating to help people get ready to raise funds….

No – I thought I would step back from the usual subjects and, as its Thanks Giving, give a bloggers thanks…

It occurs to me first and foremost that those guys at WordPress, who bust their butts to offer a premium, kick ass product for free deserve a huge THANKS from everyone in the blogging community – yes, there are other platforms, but I for one, and pretty much everyone I know in this space owe much to the guys at WordPress – and I’ve never even paid them a dime so a Thanks is the least I can do…

Next are those people who invest their personal time to create the WordPress plugins that we all pretty much take for granted, expect to be free but really make our lives easier – can any of your wordpress bloggers get by without your SEO module? Or your Google analytics Module? Lets face it – these modules are key for our blogging businesses and hobbies. So  a huge Thanks! and considering looking through your plugins and making a quick paypal contribution to them – they’ll appreciate it!

And a thank you to you, the wonderful reader that makes all the time spent worthwhile – I can’t say that I’ve paid for a yacht, a BMW or even a Tonka toy with the cash I’ve generated from blogging BUT getting your thoughts, comments and questions is even better than the *stuff* a popular blog would bring.

And lastly – I thank that little part of my brain (and I mean *little*) that keeps managing to create new content on demand!  Thanks brain for the juice you bring to the blog and body for allowing me to get it ‘out there’.

So – that – is my Blogger’s ThanksGiving! What’s yours?


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