The link to your free copy of The Science of Getting Rich is winging its way to you…

but before it arrives – I’d like to share a few words with you…   

I‘d was introduced to The Science of Getting Rich by a friend some months ago, and somehow, you just stumbled across it too.

The Science of Getting Rich is a powerful book that has changed people lives for the better for over a century.

But make no mistake – this is not some “whoo whoo” book telling you to wish upon a star or rub some ancient lamp for a magical solution.

The Science of Getting Rich certainly does not suggest you give up responsibility for your own life or that you’ll live some fairy tale existence by being ‘positive’. Despite its name, it is not THAT kind of book.

In fact, once you cut through some of the dated language and get down to the key elements of what the ‘Science of Getting Rich’ is all about – you cannot fail to understand exactly how you can, if you take these lessons to heart –  achieve great wealth. Spiritual, Physical and Material wealth…

I’m a practical person – and even I was impressed with many of the lessons of the Science of Getting Rich. Some parts of it didn’t make 100% sense to my view of the world at first, but there were key elements which really did make sense to me instantly.

So, after reading it a few times, I felt the need to read it out loud because, in the past, when I really wanted to understand something, hearing it would give me a better understanding of the real meanings of a text.

Having given these recording to a few friends, they suggested I should offer them to you, as you too may find them useful. I was reluctant at first, the thought of some stranger listening to my voice while driving or working out seemed a little weird.

But they twisted my arm and maybe its not such a crazy idea – so if you would like to get a recording of the 17 chapters of The Science of Getting Rich I created for myself…click below.

By the way, it will not be made available through my core site so this is the only time you’ll have the opportunity to get this unique audio recording.

My hope is that You will unlock the meanings of the Science of Getting Rich.



PS – I highly recommend you spend the time to take on board the lessons in this book. Best, Andrew

Only $27 for all 17 Chapters in Audio 

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

PPS – It took me at least half a day to create these audio’s for myself but after listening to them a few times, they really helped me to ‘get’ the key elements of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ – much more so than just reading it a few times.



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